Press Fire to Play is about a bunch of Retro Gamers on a journey but who knows where? Starting in the 80’s, we took a break as we “grew up” for  time, then rediscovered our gaming roots almost 20 years later.

Our return has brought with it the meeting of great people, lasting friendships and a retro fuelled feeling of goodwill that’s difficult to beat. Kick Off 2 may have brought us together again but with so many classics like Sabre Wolf, Trans-Am, R-Type etc etc etc why limit yourself to just the one game? What about the Retro Computer Museum? What about the 8 Bit Lounge at the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath? Exactly! So to showcase our every gaming interest we figured we’d Press Fire to Play and create this blog.

We all motivate each other to produce write-ups for both just for fun gatherings as well as official tournaments along with the unwavering task of playing lots of old retro games (yeah, it’s a tough job but someones got to do it lol). With a rich and varied history behind us and with so much still to come, there’l be many a  night of all things retro, whether it’s accessing the vast array of emulators, the entire library of Amiga games or Classic games of Pinball and Table Football.

The Biscuits are going to be vast and the excitement even more…Welcome, to our World.

Garry C, Simon K, Steve E and Brian C

Garry C, Simon K, Steve E and Brian C


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