Truth be told neither Si nor Gaz’s KO2 gameplay was practised compared to years gone by but the night’s battles were no less intense and no less fun.   If Gaz’s instinct was safety first, Si came out all guns blazing. You might say this was the irresistible force meeting the immovable object, and something had to give…

Gaz set himself the rocky bar reward for his first goal but Si’s was the finish of note, dropping the shoulder before smashing it in the top corner. Scorchio! Gaz nevertheless took the biscuit and the opening victory though Si bounced back immediately setting the anything-you-can-do, I-can-do-better vibe…

A number of things stood out from the action that followed.  Gaz and his bloody repetitive woodwork hits. So painful!  Si’s up front dribbling that was anything but wooden. And above all, tense was the word!  Ultra competitive right from the off with more than a few squeeky bum moments haha. Interestingly the number of draws, a rare event in KO2 as a rule, was high, a quarter in total and four in the first 10 matches. Highlighting just how nip and tuck most games were, often 0-0 at HT, decided mostly by a single goal, jacking up the jitterbugs for both players.

After two rounds honours were very much even with players sharing W3-D4-L3 form but then things finally started to open up…

Round #3 began with the biggest victory of the night with Si’s barnstorming 7-1 rout. Everyone’s was a winner, baby, that’s the truth. Yet Gaz dug deep into his lockout locker to grind out two back to back victories in response to lead the series as the round concluded.

The final round started with a bang too with card-happy ref, Indi, having a huge say in matters.  Si, who had been on top in this game, until Indi saw red,  not once but twice. Si was now down to 9 players including his lead striker so the Grinder took full advantage to come from behind with a mid-range cheap-as-chips lob, to bag a narrow 6-5 win that proved key.  Si himself hit back yet again to win the next game to take the series down to the penultimate game.

Late by now, our kickoffathon had clocked up almost 4 hours in game time, we were like two KO2 terminators, neither wanting to concede defeat.  Somehow, not even sure he knows how, Gaz clinched the series, in a match that’ll live short in the memory lol.  Si’s revenge will have to wait for another day but once again Kick Off 2 proves to be one of those games that never dies….

Round#1 – Gaz v Si

P5: Gaz 2 – 1 Si; D2

Round#2 – Si v Gaz

P10: Gaz 3 – 3 Si; D4

Round#3 – Si v Gaz

P15: Gaz 6 – 5 Si; D4

Round#4 – Gaz v Si

P20: Gaz 8 – 7 Si; D5


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