Against the backdrop of a cliff-hanging Championship season finale we headed up to Manchester.  The sun was shining, the mood was up, but what was with the multiple roadwork diversions??  No matter,  in Ste’s swanky new motor, we were certain to arrive in style for a kick off 2 shoot out to crown this years UK Champion…

v Ian

Never a dull game against Ian, I was 0-3 down before I knew it and sinking fast.  With my hopes fading the turning point came when Fisher spilled my unlikely lob for a 2-3 HT scoreline, which proved just the break I needed to propel my second half revival. Garry C    7    3    Ian K   


v John

Inviting me for my “easiest” game, I nevertheless doubted organiser John’s self – deprecation.  As it turned out everything  went in for me but that didn’t stop John cracking jokes all the way to the final whistle haha.  Organiser syndrome all not, massive credit for making this year’s championships happen.   Much appreciated mate.  Garry C    9    2    John V

v Mark

3 goals from 33 shots!?? Still working this one out, but the match against John’s brother Mark was one of my fave games of the day, played in the best of spirits.  I was on top but  Fisher was my equal, and Mark made the most of this, first leveling the scores before nearly snatching all three points in a match that was always in the balance. Who knew dropping two points could be so fun. Well played mate!     Garry C    3    3    Mark V

v Brendan

Great to meet Brendan making his KOA debut, just as I had done way back in UKCs’06 coincidentally in Manchester too.  I know myself it can be a challenge taking on fellow KO2 nuts in your first tourney so good to see you take that all important first point, cause not everyone does!  I’ll remember this game for the ‘double double’.    I  was two up and apparently on easy street when Brendan turned the game on it’s head with a two goals within 25 seconds.  Game on! Up for grabs both of us sought victory and only a second half brace of my own steered victory my way. Great game! Brendan    2    5    Garry C

v Rob

A match of heightened emotions where both us  were all too aware of unfolding events in the Sky Bet Championship where Birmingham, Forest and Blackburn faced a three way fight to avoid the drop. Rob seized an early lead, I equalised and meanwhile back in the real world Forest scored for a 2-0 lead in their must win final game . Rob roared so loud I’m sure the City Ground heard and then Forest were awarded a penalty.  We paused, they missed, and maybe Rob took his own eye of the ball too as I like Birmingham, went on to seal a precious three points.  No matter, despite an agonising final closing stages both our Teams brought us the ecstacy of survival at the expense of Blackburn haha Garry C   6    1    Robert S


Yessssssss! Get in! [the championship] 😀

v Lee

Lee said it himself that he was under par today (having over did it the night before haha) and it didn’t help that sinking feeling when I scored right from the kickoff.  Truth be told, the match very close evidenced by the even shooting stats.  You win some , you lose some but there’s always next time!  Garry C    4    2    Lee W

v Mick

Without Minnie as my mascot, Mick took an early lead though I drew level via a KO2 lob in a game eerily reminiscent of our first matchup at KOBRA 10UP. Now like then I just had enough in the tank to get over the finish line but I’m sure it won’t always be like that. Garry C    6    4    Mick C

v Andy

v Chris

Both great guys and both play kick on another level, scoring goals I can admire but not emulate, and the divide was such that both games left me goalless.  Kudos to Andy on claiming the UK title once more with an impressive 100% winning performance. Similar credit must also go to Chris who this year filled the runner up spot. Andy G   5    0    Garry C; Chris D   6    0    Garry C

v Camberman

Crafting his lofty works of art from multiple directions and distances, it seemed at first my Fisher might stand tall but ultimately the lobberman was unstoppable.  Fully in control from the start, well played  Steve on this and a deserved bronze medal finish. Garry C    3    5    Steve C

v Evil

He might be my KOBRA brother but all ties were put to one side in this one. Besides Evil wins by all means necessary (even penalty/red car dives aren’t off limits, just ask Mark lol).  Small fry perhaps but 4th spot was up from grabs (in theory) and although I put up a fight, there was always only one winner here as my Championship of two halves ended with four defeats on the bounce.                      Garry C    3    6    Steve E

Anyone for Doubles?

Steve C & Mark    1    3 Garry & Lee
Steve E & John    2    1 Ian & Mick

Steve E & John    1    3 Garry & Lee

The fun wasn’t over quite over yet as 4 teams of two entered the 4P Doubles Cup.  Using the league table to match top half  with bottom half, 5th and 9th spot finishers, Lee and Garry, proved the right combination to end the day with a winning feeling, just like Arry. KRO!



‘Arry does it again!


      W   D    L   F    A    P
1   11   0    0   92   31   33   Andy
2    9   1    1   80   37   28   Christopher
3    9   1    1   74   39   28   Steve C
4    8   0    3   75   41   24   Steve E
5    6   1    4   46   39   19   Garry
6    6   0    5   42   45   18   Robert
7    4   1    6   41   59   13   Ian
8    3   2    6   35   56   11   Mick
9    3   1    7   46   48   10   Lee
10    2   0    9   16   62    6   John
11    0   2    9   33   69    2   Mark
12    0   1   10   18   72    1   Brendan


Andy G    13    3    Brendan
Andy G    11    6    Chris D
Andy G    5    0    Garry C
Andy G    11    1    Ian K
Andy G    6    1    John V
Andy G    7    5    Lee W
Andy G    9    1    Mark V
Andy G    10    2    Mick C
Andy G    8    3    Robert S
Andy G    7    6    Steve C
Andy G    5    3    Steve E
Brendan    0    9    Chris D
Brendan    2    5    Garry C
Brendan    2    6    Ian K
Brendan    2    3    John V
Brendan    1    7    Lee W
Brendan    2    2    Mark V
Brendan    2    4    Mick C
Brendan    1    5    Robert S
Brendan    2    7    Steve C
Brendan    1    11    Steve E
Chris D    6    0    Garry C
Chris D    8    3    Ian K
Chris D    7    0    John V
Chris D    6    5    Lee W
Chris D    12    4    Mark V
Chris D    7    1    Mick C
Chris D    7    5    Robert S
Chris D    5    5    Steve C
Chris D    7    3    Steve E
Garry C    7    3    Ian K
Garry C    9    2    John V
Garry C    4    2    Lee W
Garry C    3    3    Mark V
Garry C    6    4    Mick C
Garry C    6    1    Robert S
Garry C    3    5    Steve C
Garry C    3    6    Steve E
Ian K    10    3    John V
Ian K    5    4    Lee W
Ian K    7    3    Mark V
Ian K    2    2    Mick C
Ian K    1    4    Robert S
Ian K    1    7    Steve C
Ian K    2    8    Steve E
John V    2    3    Lee W
John V    2    0    Mark V
John V    1    3    Mick C
John V    0    2    Robert S
John V    1    7    Steve C
John V    1    13    Steve E
Lee W    4    3    Mark V
Lee W    4    4    Mick C
Lee W    4    5    Robert S
Lee W    5    6    Steve C
Lee W    3    5    Steve E
Mark V    5    7    Mick C
Mark V    4    5    Robert S
Mark V    4    8    Steve C
Mark V    4    10    Steve E
Mick C    1    6    Robert S
Mick C    3    7    Steve C
Mick C    4    6    Steve E
Robert S    3    8    Steve C
Robert S    3    5    Steve E
Steve C    8    5    Steve E


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