From bottom to the top, after the End of an Era, it was time to sort out the small matter of the Premiership title in this most bonkers of seasons that it 2015/16… Come on Leicester!

Actual Table

Actual Premiership Table as of 25.03.2016

Gaz and Ste were delighted to be joined by Jon, his first retro action since Man vs Screech over a year ago. And once again we adopted a 3-man, 6-team format to play both as ourselves as well as represent the top-6 title candidates…


Ste    Lei    3    –    4    City    Jon
Gaz    Tot    2    –    2    Ham    Jon
Gaz    Ars    0    –    3    Utd    Ste

Unlike their premier league counterparts, Ste’s Leicester were narrowly undone by Jon’s City 3-4 in a very tight opener. Meanwhile at White Hart Lane Gaz’s Spur’s battled back for a draw against an unbeaten Jon as the Hammers. Man Utd under Ste’s leadership were lightning quick out of the blocks with an early brace to build an unstoppable 0-3 lead.


Jon    Utd    1    –    4    City    Ste
Jon    Tot    3    –    4    Lei    Gaz
Ste    Ham    6    –    1    Utd    Gaz

Ste’s hot form continued with a flurry of late goals to secure a 4-1 victory for United in the Manchester derby. And Gaz adopted Leicester’s never-say-die approach to claim his and the Foxes’ first victory of the night against some serious woodwork-smashing by Jon’s Totenham. Talking of a which, Ste smashes Utd’s titled hopes for six as the Hammers laid their own title bid.


Ste    Tot    5    –    6    Lei    Jon
Gaz    Ham    1    –    4    Ars    Jon
Gaz    City    0    –    4    Ars    Ste

With a few games under his belt, Jon was  now “VARDY!”-esque with his finishing having perfecting his 45 degree angled goals. One after another, he was hitting the back of the net and on a roll alright and sealed a significant 6-5 victory for Leicester over Spurs, as well as an emphatic 4-1 for the Gunners over West Ham.  Just like City, Gaz’s season was in danger of fizzling out as Ste’s Arsenal showed some mettle to clinch victory and maybe more. And with three teams ending on equal points only separated on goal difference, our just-for-fun predictorship suggests what seems most unlikely but that Arsenal may yet clinch the title, leaving Leicester as runners-up!!! Time will tell….

Title Predictions 1516

Crème de la crème

But that wasn’t the end…it was Good Friday, we were in Bournville, it was time for the  Cadbury’s Creme Egg Fun Cup, and why not! Agreed in advance, host’s prerogative and all, the third-placed layer, that just happened to be Gaz hehe got a bye into the final, leaving Jon and Ste to duke it out in the semis.

Semi- Final     
Jon G    1   –    2    Steve E

In the end this match will be remembered as the tale of two tackles. Disaster for Ste, first of all, who lost R. Cox to a red card tackle, a key central defender in any kick off side, forcing him to adopt a lock out approach. This battling rearguard action was keeping Jon at bay, and what’s more Ste then somehow took the lead himself. With his own designs on Wembley, Jon struck back only for Ste to make his second decisive tackle. This time the ref was blindsided, and controversially Ste won possession from which he scored the winning goal, in what had seemed an unlikely 1-2 victory.

Garry    6   –    8    Steve E

Amid a fiery Wembley atmosphere, Ste started strongly, taking the lead and always seemingly in charge in this one. I think Gaz was still wearing his Leicester shirt underneath, however, and wasn’t giving up his own Egg Cup dreams without a shout. And so the goals flowed, with Gaz bringing the score back to 6-7 as the whistle drew closer. Could he level it? Evil dashed any Roy of the Rovers recovery to deservedly raise his Caramel Creme Egg Cup triumphantly  in a fitting finale. Well played mate!



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