As the 2015/16 footy season nears it’s conclusion, storm clouds are gathering around Villa Park.  Not in three decades,   not since the 1986/87 campaign ,  has this proud and distinguished West Midlands football club been relegated from the top flight.  So was history about to repeat itself? There’s only one way to find out….  and not for the first time.. Kick off!

Actual Prem Table

Premiership Table 19.02.2016


That’s right, in a 3-player, 6-team (don’t ask) format, we set on our kick off 2 predictorship journey.   Ste, Si and Gaz would simultaneously represent themselves and  play as each of the bottom-6 basement dwellers. Our mission, no less, was to save Aston Villa from impending doom…

Ste    Bou    6    –    4    Villa    Si
Gaz    Swa    3    –    3    Sun    Si
Gaz    Nor    4    –    3    New    Ste

The opener for Villa didn’t bode well, despite Si giving his best for his heroes, he was always just one step behind. Cue YouTube video lol . Si, however, notched up his and Sunderland’s first point with a battling 3-3 including a Van Baston like volley, surely contender for goal of the night. The Canaries staked their claim for safety with a lobtastic 4-3 win with Gaz in charge.


Si    New    8    –    7    Villa    Ste
Si    Swa    4    –    2    Bou    Gaz
Ste    Sun    3    –    2    New    Gaz

In a 15-goal thriller, Villa still came out the wrong side of an 8-7 goal feast. Could Si have cemented Villa’s fate with a Newcastle performance that Kevin Keegan would be proud of. “I’d love it”. On a roll, Si certainly looked to have helped the Swans to safety but it was always going to be hard for Gaz’s 10-man Bournemouth. Ste’s Sunderland then claimed their first victory with some slide-rule through balls leaving the striker with the easy part.


Ste    Swa    4    –    4    Bou    Si
Gaz    Sun    4    –    2    Nor    Si
Gaz    Villa    3    –    2    Nor    Ste

Into the final and decisive round, there was nothing between Swansea and Bournemouth who probably settled for a point, knowing this could clinch safety. Despite penalty heroics from Si’s Norwich, Sunderland were too quick of the blocks and secured another 3 points. With bluenose Gaz at the helm, Villa had their first taste of victory but alas it wasn’t enough. Their fate was sealed, and our predictions were complete, with Villa, Norwich and Newcastle were all predicted to face drop.  Just for fun or pure prophecy ? Only time will tell…

3p6t Table



Inspired by Ste’s heroics on the mobile game, we then turned our attention to the excellent Amiga version by Michael Gibbs. It was Si aka Stinky Bird, however, who’s emissions propelled him first to pole position with an impressive score of 22. Part of the challenge involved keeping your eyes averted from those DDs (double digit scores), tempting though they are. On the one hand this can be a brutally frustrating game, yet there’s something hypnotic, hearing  beep after beep, pipe after pipe, go after go.  Gaz aka Fatty Bird struggled to get off the ground at first, it has to be said, but he rapidly got fitter with each flight achieving a flapping good score of 20 points. Cometh the hour, cometh the [bird]man, when Ste ruled the roost and swooped to take top spot with 23 pipes cleared.  Get in!  Until next time… haha


Top Scores

Ste …  23
Si…     22
Gaz…  20

Flight of the Flappy



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