It’s Christmas! And together with our warmest festive greetings to retrogamer’s everywhere, we at PFTP ended this special 25th anniversary year with a seasonal challenge.

Way back in January we began our celebrations of Dino Dini’s timeless classic Kick Off 2 , soon after we’d admired Steve Screech’s awesome artwork and outrageous refereeing , then quenched our thirst in a ‘Drink Off’ drinking tourney, before we later explored a  ‘3-man, 4-team!’ format,  and now it was time for some Advent Calendar Kick Off…. a selection box of 25 random challenges, skill builders, down right daft objectives, call them what you will!


1. Kick Off Lob
2. Kick Off Routine to the Right
3. Kick Off Routine to the Left

Love them or loathe them, they’re part of the rich gameplay of KO2, and along with every other challenge, each player had 5 attempts in a practice mode to see how many they’d convert. Gaz edged the opener, tied with Si in the second task but Si prevailed the third of the most dirty of kick off tricks.


4. Central Free Kick
5. Right of Cente Free Kick
6. Left of Cente Free Kick

Utilising one of countless superb KO2CV (competition version) settings, we were able to set up this mission. Personally I regard a 1 in 50 as a reasonable return so Gaz impressed to convert a mighty 3 from 5, then 2 from 5 before everyone recorded a blank. Si may say Gaz’s second-mover advantage had something to do with this after the Free Kick King unlocked some serious swazzzz.


7. Top Right
8. Top Left
9. Bottom Right
10.Bottom Left

Cheap as chips goals but corner routines can be a game changer it has to be said, at least when the defending team isn’t locking out. Starting with the original 532 top-right manoeuvre , Gaz this time took a clean sweep in all four categories. Go Kobraman!


11. vs Cox
12. vs 2 defenders
13. vs 4 defenders

Once again the unlimited wonders offered by KO2CV enabled us to remove players to set up these deft (daft?) dribbling exercise. 1v1s versus Cox? How about attempting to dribble past 2 or even 4 defenders? You got it! Si prevailed in two of the challenges, Gaz the other but Ste had the BOOM moment of the night with some out-of-this-world Messi-esque, Rowntrees Random’s magic!!!


14.Tap-it, Unwrap it!
15.Corner of box Lob
16.Front of box lob
17.Mid range lob
18.Bye Line Chip
19.Headed goals
20.In-off goals
21.Roller goals
22.Trap move
23.Trap release
24.Dive away
25.45′ degree

As if anyone had doubted this, Si truly is the Godfather of Tap-it, Unwrap-it and has damn well been for the past 20 years! Ste found the 45′ sweet spot more than most, nutted in the most headers and came the closest to converting the stupidly difficult bye-line-chip. Gaz sussed his timing with the trap-release stop-start goal, but Si aka Zorro discovered a new signature goal with carbon copy after carbon f***king copy of trap and move goals, notching up a 100% conversion, the only player to do so all night, not once but twice. Well played pal.

Don’t ask me what these categories actually mean because we weren’t even sure. Your guess is as good as mine but in any case the night was about exploring and having fun. Besides which an infinitely better guide to KO2 goals can be found here….



advent table


They came, they scored and they conquered a year of Kick Off challenges.  And second only to the fun, the full results are now finally in… fan fare please… The King of the Leaderboard is…. Ste! Well played mate.  Everyone’s a winner here at PFTP of course so special mentions must also go to….

Best Attack: Jon

Best Defence: Si

Best at erm Drawing hehe: Gaz









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