Visitors to our facebook page may have seen some of the photo’s, but we couldnt let it pass without a review of what was a superb Saturday at EGX!

Due to us having our Broadband through Virgin, we managed to snag tickets for around £8 – and this was including the early pass.

Upon entering we were waiting with hundreds others and a large screen greeted us with adverts/interviews for the latest games. When going into the actual arena it was a sight to behold.

A massive guitar amp which you stepped into for Guitar Hero was superb and made you yearn to channel your inner Jimmy Hendrix once more, a load of TV’s ready for some Blues v Villa Fifa 16 stylee – check. Nintendo area, Star Wars Battlefront with the 45 minute queing time made that little bit easier due to some creative cos play *ahem* (!)

Elite Dangerous complete with flight controls that lit up like Blackpool Illuminations, Just Cause 3 complete with free energy drinks beforehand. There was literally loads to take in – and not to mention the retro area, although why no Kick Off 2 or Sensible Soccer for that matter? Why no gaming tournaments in the retro area? come on guys, if you need any help you know who to call.

Indie area complete with the grumpy gamers! lol

Next time perhaps it might be best to dive into the most popular area’s first thing, split up to go on all manner of various games but for a first time we experienced, we lived it and most of all, we loved it!

A festival of gaming to warm the hearts of everyone who was there. If there were a few people who still believe that gaming is anti social, then this event dismissed those thoughts at this most positive of places. A truly uplifting event.

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