It was time. Time to raise a glass to 25UP, to Ste’s birthday, to the new footy season, to naff goals, to non-goals, to fouls, to dives, to scoring within 25 seconds, to wining a bet, to losing one, to…you get the idea.  It was time for the return of the kick off drinking tourney aka Drink Off II.  Cheers everybody!


Whisky (Si) v Vodka (Ste) v Beer (Gaz)


After the in-one arrival beer appetizer, continuing the anniversary theme, we set ourselves the warm-up challenge to score from 25 metres (+/- 5m) during a 5-minute practice session. We didn’t know how difficult this was or even if it was possible. One thing’s for sure we knew the vodka shots awaited. Beer was first out the barrel and he was flowing alright meeting the challenge 5 times.  Next up Whisky seemingly dodged the forfeit, leaving Vodka to add a twist with the only diagonal conversion of the night. We’d all succeeded, which meant  we’d all forfeited! From back of the net to the back of the throat…


E. Curtis scored a goal??? He must be pi$$ed!

Beer 26.9m
Whisky 29.1m
Vodka 20.3m

With vodka vapours still in the air, it was on to the main event, a league with more drinking rules than healthy units of alcohol lol. Forfeits awaited naff goals (non-goal, through-the-post goal, keeper clanger goal), penalties (missed or converted), unsporting behaviour (carded fouls or dives), and anniversary goals scored in within 25 seconds of the first or final whistle results in everyone raising a glass to kick off. Whichever way you look at it, the was no escape, which was exactly how we wanted it haha.

And just before each kickoff, adding to the god-knows-what’s-coming-next feeling we drew from 8 random challenges (including injure a player, concede a penalty, or score a headed goal) If a player fails the challenge he takes the forfeit or if both succeed, then the watcher takes a challenge. The alcoholic minefield was complete.

As you’d expect things got hazy – and fast. Whisky, I believe, downed four whiskies in his first game! What do you expect for unsporting behaviour, a naff goal,  a 25 second goal and for failing the challenge haha. The spirits was high, the laughs were higher and the alcohol was heading off the scale. At one point, Beer was struggling not to spray his forfeit such was the intoxicating atmosphere.  And what was with Beer and his back of the bar non-goal? Never seen one of them before but it wasn’t the first forfeit he would see…

Whisky 1 – 2 Beer
Beer 4 – 4 Vodka
Vodka 4 – 5 Whisky

Beer 3 – 1 Whisky
Vodka 5 – 4 Beer
Whisky 5 – 5 Vodka

After such thirsty work we were in need of food. We didn’t care if it was alien chicken, orange chips and black and white pizzas hehe, it tasted GOOD! Add to that doritos (mind those ultra hot ones, Gaz!), popcorn, crisps, nuts and spare ribs. With Gaz hosting, Si sourcing  the drinks, and Ste the grub, that’s what I call team work.

By chance Villa v Man Utd were playing that night, so with a live stream on the laptop, we each placed a drinking bet on the scoreline. Whoever gets it right, the other too faced a forfeit, and if we all got it wrong, then we’re all going down!

Whisky 0-3
Vodka 1-2
Beer 0-1


Get in the Beer!

With the footy match over, the player watching turned DJ for each game and I have to say we ended up with a most bizzare soundtrack that ranged from from Born to Run to Born Free, and included The King.of Rock n Roll, It’s a Shame about Ray,   The Best of Me and  The Scatman!? Something for everyone (or no one haha).

Beer 4 – 3 Whisky
Vodka 4 – 5 Beer
Whisky 6 – 4 Vodka

Whisky 2 – 3 Beer
Beer 5 – 6 Vodka
Vodka 6 – 5 Whisky

Re-fuelled we were ready to continue drinking but things were getting heavy… we didn’t realise it at the time but rounds #3 and #4 produced considerably more goals that the first two rounds. More goals = more mistakes? Maybe. The trial Rubberbanding rule may have something to do with it too. In order to keep  games close, whenever a player fell three goals behind, they’d received a Mario Kart-style rocket boost worth two goals, reducing the deficit to one. Shot and shot, game by game, we slugged it out until…  Vodka who had been on a hot streak of forfeits, took a time-out and redecorated the bathroom lol but he immediately came back for more. Respect ! And I’m pretty sure it was during these later games that Whisky and Vodka produced a double 25 anniversary goal in the last seconds of their game. And a double toast to KO2 of course.

The worst for wear, the better for drinking, but we somehow made it through!  We hadn’t a clue whether Whisky, Vodka or Beer had topped the league (what league?), and what’s more, we didn’t care, which in many ways is what gaming is really all about. Just as back in the day, the thrill of game and getting lost in the moment  was exactly how this night panned out, and who couldn’t raise a glass to that.


They think it’s all over, it is now…


Shot Tally Chart

Sixty-six shots later


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