New year, new retro-challenge! And 2015 marks no less than 25 years of the great game that is Kick Off 2 by Dino Dini and Steve Screech. To celebrate this milestone we began our new retro adventure – it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it…


So at base camp were Ste, Si and Gaz, the KOBRA Three, though we hope others will join the ascent of Mount Just-For-Fun. We aim to take a competitive but always fun route, with more random elements and drinking rules to come and other stuff that we… erm… haven’t even thought of yet lol, and all progress will be recorded on the Kick Off25 Leaderboard.

25-second rule

To add something extra into the mix, if a player scores after exactly 25 seconds (that’s 4:35 Ste) then the goal counts double! Though this is pretty difficult to achieve it certainly added to the tension at the start of a game. We’ll probably expand this idea over time so watch this space…

Anyhow, after the pre-match chat, there was anticipation in the air as well as the smell of chocolate digestive biscuits… game on!

Ready for kick off!

Ready for kick off!

Si v Ste kicked off our anniversary mission with 4-2-4 Evil taking the inaugural victory 3-1 that strangely felt more significant than a mere 3 points.  Gaz adopting an attacking lockout tactic (!?) exploited space down the wings to get off to a flyer himself, beating both of his opponents.

Si 1 – 3 Ste
Gaz 4 – 2 Ste
Gaz 5 – 3 Si
Si chalked up his first win in Round #2 with the very apt 2-5 scoreline (we need a random rule for this!) that included an unfortunate walk-of-shame own goal for Ste. Nevertheless in what is likely to be a topsy-turvy 2015 season Ste cleverly used Falcon to unlock Mr Lockout as well as score a back-off-the-post non-goal that was given. REFFFF! Gaz himself bounced back with a 6-1 demolition that left Si questioning if we’d still be friends by the end of the year haha.

Ste 2 – 5 Si
Ste 4 – 3 Gaz
Si 1 – 6 Gaz

Si pressed hard in the final round of the evening and looked to deservedly earn a point against Ste but Evil’s last ditch kick off manoevre sealed a nasty hat-trick, 3-2. Ste’s emphatic 4-1 undoing of Gaz’s defense didn’t involve luck but quality attacking play and deadly finishing. Played mate. From the sublime to the ridiculous, the evening’s final game was a shocker. Not an attack nor goal of note, this game was painful and will be remembered for.. what was it.. of yeah, the double-sending off. All I know for sure it ended a highly forgettable 2-2.

Si 2 – 3 Ste
Gaz 1 – 4 Ste
Gaz 2 – 2 Si
JFF25 16012015


Love them or hate them, the first best of 25 had to involve kick-off lobs. Over time we intend to explore other aspects of KO2 but scoring from the kick-off  was the place to start.  This was as much about the banter as it was the game, taking the doobie-doobie-doo out of each other’s failed attempts lol None of us were very good and some of us took what seemed 25 years to score from open play to reset the next kick off. So much for a quick-fire challenge…

Si was slow out of blocks and was unable to convert any of his first 11 (!) yet still achieved respectability whereas Ste scored with his first attempt only to hit a barren spell but still managed to tie with Gaz. A best-of-5 decider was required where Gaz lobbed his way over the finish line.

Kick-off Lobathan 

1. Gaz 6/25 13’40”
1. Ste 6/25 11’46”
3. Si  4/25 10’14”


1. Gaz 2/5
2. Ste 0/5

And so it was.. the night was over, Ste headed the early leaderboard, Gaz claimed the first best of 25,  but we all  knew that this particular retrogaming adventure was only just beginning…wherever it may take us, roll on 2015!


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