Virtually a year to the day since the celebration of the C64, it was high time for Amiga Night! And it was great to have both Adam and Gareth, the later making his retro debut, completing the 6-man line-up taking on six instantly pick-up-and-play Commodore Amiga “greats”.

2013-12-29 11.32.56

Returning again, amid concerns of leaderboard rigging, was the controversial wheel of fortune, where the worst player can sometimes take all the points haha! Ordinarily the the winner of each round clocks up 6 leaderboard points, the runner up 5, and so on, but spin a odd number and the scores are inverted. This was a night for the elite and not-so-elite players alike…


So to launch the night, it was this classy vertical scrolling shoot-em-up with another fine Bitmap Brothers soundtrack. A solo challenge, it was every man for himself in a straight highscore shootout.  Kudos to hot shot Bri who topped the table, followed closely by Steve. Adam earned himself the dubious honour to be the first to spin the wheel of life, that resulted in an even number so this time the points went with the scores:

1st Bri 34,370
2nd 33,920
3rd Gaz 24,540
4th Gareth 17,790
5th Si 13,730
6th Adam 12,610


Pinball Dreams_9

The first team challenge of the night was on the pinball table. Based on order of attendance, we formed Team Hares: Gareth, Bri and Ste and Team Turtles: Adam, Si and Gaz. With realistic ball physics this pinball simulation felt pretty random naturally which is probably a good thing because we somehow forgot  to spin the wheel of life afterwards (FIX! haha). Would it make much difference to the outcome of the night? Only time would tell… but as it stood, Team Hares (not Hair!) were the pinball wizards. Well played!

Gareth bt Gaz
Adam bt Bri
Ste bt St

Hares 2 – 1 Turtles



Providing some 4P mayhem was this excellent racer with chaos by the boot load. Another solo event, this time we divided into two starting grids of three, chosen by that random wheel. Bri and Gareth, and Ste and Si, put their foot down to power through to the final where true to his racing history, Si took top spot on the podium. A well deserved victory which not even Gaz’s wheel-of-life spin could challenge. B******!

1st Bri
2nd Gareth
3rd Adam

1st Ste
2nd Si
3rd Gaz

1st Si
2nd Ste
3rd Bri
4th Gareth

5th/6th Play-off
5th Adam
6th Gaz


Shareware at is best, this game is pure playability; i.e the graphics are s*** lol. Great fun but who would prevail in this head-to-head shootout to the death? The 40-somethings (Gaz, Bri and Gareth) or the 30s crew (Adam, Si and Ste). After two bloody battles, it was one apiece and it went to a decider between Ste and Gareth. Dirty Harry Ste edged this only for that punk Gareth to spin the wheel of life and make our day! The 40-somethings lost the battle but won the war – get in!!!

Si bt Gaz
Bri bt Adam
Ste bt Gareth

40s 1 – 2 30s *

* results inverted by wheel of life



Arguably the most fun of the night, with more f***-ups than power ups adding to the laughs that is Dynablaster. Frantic, strategic but mostly anarchic, we again played a knockout format, using the wheel of life to determine the two groups. And Blaster Bri did it again to claim his second title of the night only for Suicide-Bomber Ste to show there was method in his madness to take top dollar points courtesy of the wheel of life – pure evil!

1st Bri
2nd Ste
3rd Gareth

1st Gaz
2nd Si
3rd Adam

Final *
1st Bri
2nd Si
3rd Gaz

4th-6th Playoff *
4th Adam
5th Gareth
6th Ste

* score inverted by wheel of life



The final challenge of the night (or was it?) came in the form of the penalty shootout using Kick Off 2 Competition Version with a neat reverse engineered penalty shootout mode. The room went silent… must be the anticipation…. Anyway, formed along tribal lines, it had to be Blues v Villa. Bluenoses Gaz, Ste and Bri versus Villains Si, Adam and Gareth. Come on you Blues! And once more this one went to the wire, with woodwork specialist Gareth narrowly losing the decider to Bri. They thought it’s all over but was it? There was still time for the wheel of life… or several spins of the wheel if you’re Si haha. So, in the spirit of fair play, all three villains would re-spin in a best of three. Not for the first time us Bluenoses were denied a  victory as the Vile wheeled their way to maximum points. Injustice!

Si bt Gaz
Bri bt Gareth
Ste bt Adam

Blues 2 – 1 Villa *

* score inverted by wheel of ******* life!



Some might say a bonus round but others not, to finish the evening (and some of us!) was the game that sends you flappy the longer you play it. This port to the amiga is faithful to the mobile app, frustratingly so. Anyway, straight as an arrow, Si flew to victory in this one but sanest decision of the night had to go to Bri who opted not to play this strangely addictive yet most unrewarding of games. And not even the wheel of fortune would provide a twist in this one.

1st Si – 20
2nd Gaz – 13
3rd Gareth – 12
4th Ste – 7
5th Adam – 4
6th Bri – 0

And so after 7 games, 6 players, 5 gold rings hehe and 3 wheel-of-life reversals, the final leaderboard results…. and fair play to debutant Gareth who proved that retro skills never die! Cheers everyone and here’s to a 2015 that’s even more retro that the last!

Amiga Night FINAL


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