Following the Brazil World Cup many a pundit has said how possession football is under challenge by a faster counter-attacking style, but where does this leave the territory question? There’s only one way to find out… boot up the Kick Off!

ko2 loading screen

Yep, continuing the occasional series of KO2 ‘enquiries’ (What kind of Striker are you? The Possession Game, and Boucebackability) the three of us took out our territorial battles on KO2CV’s (Competition Version) latest statistical feature …


Territory - Results


As you’d expect results correlated with territory, and the team with the majority territory didn’t lose a match all night. And just as you might predict with players who know each other’s games so well, matches were close with the average territory difference of just 8%, and individual variations from 0% (50/50) to 22%.

Territory - Overall
In keeping with league position, Gaz averaged the highest average territory stat. He also claimed the highest indiviual count of 61% yet, as if the exception to the rule, this surprisingly came in 2-2 draw with Si. His 58% (or 16% territory advantage) however lead to 5-0 margin over his sparring partner of old, and the evening’s biggest differential.

Similarly Si’s best territory stat (54%) produced his best scoreline, a 6-2 victory over Ste, who got his revenge in their next encounter, clocking up his own territorial personal best (56%) and a 8-6 scoreline to boot, the highest scoring match of the night.

Territory - Head2Heads
Regarding head-to-heads, it once again highlighted the KOBRA phenomenon which like Frank and joysticks, throws the gold-silver-bronze hierarchy straight out the window! Especially in key tournaments, where Si often gets the better of Ste only for Si to then be undone by Gaz.  And so it happened once more… despite Si’s lesser territory (-4%) he took 9/12 points from Steve only for Gaz utilising his territorial advantage (+10%) to take 8/12 points from Si.  Deffo an enquiry for another time…

Territory - Route


Anyhow, what does it all mean? Territory rules certainly though advantages are sometimes wasted too as results above have shown.  One thing I do know is that in the finale of the night, Ste was bossing the territory yet struggling to take control of the scoreline against Gaz. At 2-2 with time running out he resorted to the classic ‘Evil’ tactic, the deceptive nice guy manoeuvre.  “I’ve got a feeling that you’re going to win this one mate” he added to our match commentary, amid frantic tackling and passing. Mind games!  With the distraction of “good will” in the air, you can guess what happened next… Evil immediately goes up the other end and stabs the ball in the back of the net for what seemed a certain victory. B******! Gaz, wanting to get even, tried to repeat this devious act – again and again and again  lol – and by the time the final whistle blew there was as much laughing as gaming, which is just how a retrogamer’s night should be.


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