Step into the world of PlayStation !

First up Bishi Bashi Special…


Bishi Bashi Special

We played Shake the can into outer space first…


1.  Si – 331,000 KM
2.  Gaz – 319,000 KM
3.  Bri – 288,000 KM
4.  Ste – 223,000 KM

Burst The Balloon was next…

1. Gaz 02:86
2. Si  03:14
3. Bri 03:74
4. Ste 03:78


Destruction Derby

Destruction Derby & PES 2014 were the next games played.

Gaz & Bri had a few games on The Bowl, the aim is to get a score from bashing other cars but somehow avoiding damage with your own car. It ended as a tie at 48 points & the commentators favourite “Your car’s a wreck” !!!

Then onto PES where despite having most of the possession & hitting the woodwork, Bri (Portugal) lost 4-2 on penalties to Gaz (England).

Another match on PES followed with Gaz (Greece) v Ste (Scotland). The match also ended in penalties with Gaz winning 5-4 after an incredible 11 pens each !



Driver : San Francisco


Si v Ste had a game of Driver SF splitscreen in tag mode with Si using the sneaky tactic of hiding in areas where there no cars to switch into !


A 4 player session on Buzz Quiz World was next, Bri won (although I was told I knew all the questions already !) with Ste next then Gaz & SI. We played another game but in “Serious mode” this time. Bri won again, with Gaz second, Si third & Ste fourth.


International Track & Frustration

Another 4 player game followed with International Track & Field (later dubbed Track & Frustration by Gaz !).

The running & swimming events went fairly smoothly but the fun fun began with the Discus & Hammer with most of us struggling to avoid a foul !


The High Jump saw Ste do a freakish High Jump. Medals were Gold – Bri, Ste – Silver & Bronze – Si. With Gaz punching the ground behind the podium !


TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2 was the last game of the night. We started with a free for all Deathmatch & then moved onto 2 v 2 Deathmatch. I’m not sure who won overall on TimeSplitters, just that when I was I Si’s team his bloody monkey kept shooting me !


Overall it was a great night of none stop gaming on PS1, PS2 & PS3 that ended shortly before 2am.

Highlight of the evening was Ste doing a spot of vacuuming !!!



2 thoughts on “PlayStation Night 2 on 30/08/14 !

  1. Real fun night. Bishi Bashi was a new one on me but a surprise hit, Destruction Derby was a big nostalgic trip, and after Track and Frustration haha Time Splitters was class. What a game!

    PS Great to see you make your first blog post Bri. First of many that is…. 🙂

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