Just as the papers put it… a season to forget but a final day to remember.  Against the odds and against the clock Birmingham City completed an astonishing last gasp escape.   That’s right, on the final day of the season, the Blues secured the vital point in the 93rd minute with a 2-2 result away to Bolton to survive the drop on goal difference alone.

The Bluesnoses at PFTP couldn’t help but want re-live such joy on the Kick Off field and so we set ourselves the Keep Right On Challenge.  0-2 down with 76 mins on the clock… that’s 4:10 in kick off time or 50 seconds to save our bacon – could we do it?

First up was Villain Si who bemused at our jubilation, still joined in the fun. He did a Zigic to pull it back to 1-2 but then time was up. This wasn’t going to be easy. Bluenose Bri believed but sadly it ended 0-2.  And then it was Gaz’s turn who impressively got the two goals but somehow found the time to conceed another so it finished 2-3. Three attempts…three relegations!!! The miracle of yesterday didn’t look like it could be repeated.  And then up stepped Steve [McQueen?]….. Zigic quickly got the first, and then, cleared off the line, ball bounces up for CADDISSSSSSS…. YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!  And the crowd went wild and was that Clarke charging past the dinning room lol.


Get in Caddis, you beauty!!!

clark and co

Clarke is on his way….

Well played Steve and well played Birmingham City. After the heroics at the Reekbok Stadium all fans know things have to change, from top to bottom, if this great escape is not to be in vain.  Only under new ownership and new management can a new era begin. Let’s hope it does sooner rather than later and until then KRO!


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