Ms Pacman vs Flappy Bird

You know what, this month’s LateBit 8bit HD Lounge really got me thinking …. maybe, just maybe, in some alternate gaming reality Ms Pacman and Flappy Bird are related???  The same even!?  They kinda look alike, both yellow and rounded…  maybe MS Pacman had a few too many power pellets, grew wings and flew the maze for pipes? Hmmmmm.  And maybe, deep down, there’s a flappy bird in all of us, as we try to find our way though life’s squeezes? One to ponder… or not!  No such flapping from Tony though who overcome several setbacks to virtually single-handedly set things up.  Respect to Tony, the DJs and the Richer Sound crew (with freebies) for another powered up 8bit.


2014-04-10 20.26.16
It’s an amiga but not as we know it…. yep, launched using his floppy drive emulator, John brought along a Commodore Amiga port of the Flappy Bird game by Michael Gibbs.  This smartphone smash, it’s simple graphics and single-button control immediately gives this a retro feel and, love it or hate it, leaves an impression!! Hellishly annoying or insanely addictive?  I’m thinking both.

How hard can a 1-button game be?  Damn hard! The real challenge is to know when to give up. In the flap of a wing this game can send you cuckoo, I tell ya!!

Flying through 12 pipes, I was content, and managed to equal my brother’s score.  Abi didn’t think she’d get the hang of it but soon did and notched up a respectable 11, as did John.  Tom took on the challenge warily knowing the potential frustrations ahead and wisely made a swift exit with an impressive 15.  Si took to it like a duck to water, the first to break the 20pt barrier, first scoring 22 and then 24.  Could this double-dozen keep him at the top of the tree?  Up stepped Daz and scoring 10 with his first attempt, was going to be a serious challenger. Then came 25 and later an awesome 26 points…. f***** unflappable! His sis Tammy later showed how she has some  skills too with a quality bronze positioned 16 pts.

Chatting downstairs with a beer, we took a much needed time-out. We’d had our Flappy fill for the night but Pacman, now that’s another story….


Daz 26
Si 24
Tammy 16
Tom 15
Bri 12
Gaz 12
Abi 11
John 11



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