Ahhh good old CRT Televisions! Living Rooms and bedrooms may now be setup with all singing and dancing LCD, LED, OLED and whatever acronyms they can figure out next but whilst Joe Bloggs see’s no need for his now old fashioned piece of kit, our retro gaming eyes light up when they’re given away.

Yep, no Retro gathering is complete until you have some CRT’s displaying the action on the screen…but why?

Well it’s quite simple really, if you use anything other than a 1980’s monitor or a CRT TV, your picture is going to look rougher than a Kazakhstani Shot Putter. Consequently, as well as copious amounts of loft space being taken up by all manner of computer systems, ample space is also needed for portables and the like.


So enter Amiga Kit! We’ve always used this shop for our retro needs and they’ve never failed to disappoint so when we happened upon a thread from the English Amiga Board about Scart Leads that were optimised for newer displays – and even better – Amiga Kit were selling them, we had to be first in line with our order.

One major downer when playing on the Amiga using a Plasma/LCD was the picture…and if the picture problems were overcome, it was the lag. It’s a problem that’s made it impossible to sit down infront of our sparkling displays and instead shunning it for a dusty portable – but not anymore.

Upon taking delivery of the new-style scart lead it looked…well like most others really, but plug it in and suddenly the difference is clear – crystal clear! The image seems to enter the HD age. Of course it isn’t HD but it’s crystal clear. You can literally see the angles of the Pixels and it’s reminiscent of anyone who back in the day, upgraded to a Monitor for their Amiga. Check out the pictures below to see just how marked the difference is. On the Lotus II pictures you can see extra detail in the wind shield, in Workbench, gone is that muddy text. For an even greater visualisation of this, check out the screenshot from Jimmy Whites Whirlwind snooker.

So Night and Day picture wise but what about Lag? Where precision is of paramount importance when playing retro games, the PQ would count for nothing if the playability was still lacking. So here’s a big thumbs up from PFTP and we’re happy to report that there is no lag! We’ve been on Overdrive and Kick Off 2 – two of the most fast paced games of their generation and it’s identical to playing on a CRT.



So there you have it! But what now for our CRT’s? After being rescued from the local refuge depot by us, are we going to consign them to the dustbin forever? Possibly. But whilst a LED may have finally replicated their old fashioned counterparts on our desks, they will never replace it in their hearts – and to be honest, there’s something nostalgic about running our pieces of kit on displays of their era. So no doubt we’ll keep our CRT’s for people who believe there is a difference but for anyone running short of space or anyone who just fancies connecting up their Amiga to the TV for a quick blast – without taking over the whole room with a rampage of dusty portables – it’s means you now can.

Quite simply, the choice is yours.

lotus_before lotus_afterjw_before jw_after

goldenaxe_before goldenaxe_after f1_before f1_after


workbench_after (2)

To order simply visit: http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=226

To understand the Technical side then visit: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=47281


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