escape to victory
Rightsizing the company, re-balancing the workforce, letting go, moving on, allowing you to be successful elsewhere ffs!  Call a spade a spade, like thousands of others, I’m being made redundant.  It’s never easy of course but reflecting on 20 years of employment with one organisation, I’ve served my time alright.  Perhaps it was high-time to give the finger to austerity and make my escape to victory! Come on!

So in a mood of positivity and new beginnings we chose some instantly good time, pick-up-and-play amiga games, some of which we’d hadn’t even played back in the day…


With typical Team 17 polish, this pool simulator has quality ball physics, realistic sound effects, multiple modes of play and all round great feel to it.  Taking the Speed Pool option, where you pot the balls in any order against the clock, Grinder Gaz was up first and… well… got there in the end.  Next up was Trick-shot Steve with plants, doubles and off-every-cushion-and-in-shots that not even he was expecting but it was Whirlwind King who cleared up in best time. And the crowd went wild!

Simon 1:24
Steve 1:46
Gaz   3:09


Not so slick but but still great fun is this crazy golf game.  After turning off the music lol Guinea pig Si had the first mover disadvantage in trying to figure out just what route to take.  Ste and Gaz then copied haha.  In more luck than judgement Gaz started his round with not one but two (mange tout even hehe) holes-in-one!  With nothing between us in the remaining holes, the drinks were on Gaz at the 19th.

Gaz 51 shots
Si  59 shots
Ste 61 shots


“Let’s play darts!” As much fun playing as watching, this arcade darts game is more than a little tricky at first.  The constantly moving position of the dart makes it all about the timing ito select the perfect trajectory.  Keeping things up tempo we selected the “Around the Clock” mode.   First up on the oche was Gaz  who made a strong start completing 1-20 in what seemed a decent time. Si then overcome his early game play struggles to take pole position but it was Ste who saved his best to last. “180!”

Ste 1:06
Si  1:11
Gaz 1:35

The great man himself


kick off escape2

Imagine you’re 0-5 down at HT and all seems lost. Would you give up or step up?  For Gaz this was more than just a gaming challenge, much less a competition with Ste and Si, this was symbolic….and he was up for it!  His gameplay more assured, his finishing unusually clinical, he cruised down easy street for a victorious 8-5. YEAH!  Ste showed the task was tougher than it looked, taking the more scenic route and with literally the last kick of the game he clinched a 7-6 victory. GET IN!  Meanwhile Si, despite giving the CPU’s keeper a tonking, was so near, yet so far. He’d notched up the crucial 6 goals but unluckily for him, he’d conceeded two at the other end. Bad luck mate.

Gaz 8-5
Ste 7-6
Si  6-7


Having completed time trials for the Gran Prix and 4×4 circuits, it was time to take on the Sandy tracks, this time on the big screen where the driving conditions were crisp (more on this later).  One thing hadn’t changed though….different tracks, same Si!  He really is the King of Overdrive, claiming four more track records in style. Kudos! The other drivers, especially Ste, weren’t far behind – with tenths sometimes mere hundredths of a second between them but this is a game of fine, fine lines indeed.

Overdrive - Sandy

That night there was some mysterious time-splitting going on too, especially when Gaz looked to set for a smart time haha. Yup, we uncovered an arithmetic glitch! As the clock moves from say 11:99 and 12:00, the code updates the hundredths before the seconds column to produce 11:00 momentarily, so if you finish at that exact split second, you can get a time travelling second knocked off your time! Fortunately Gaz’s lap of honour lol was short lived since the highscore table saw through this.  It all added to the fun of the evening, the banter and the friendly rivalry.  And whatever the economic climate outside, there’s no sign of us hanging up our joysticks.  Now way! No matter what the future may hold, bring it on…


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