tank you

New year, new layout, it was time to kick back at the re-arranged 8-bit lounge, now with extra sofas and beanbags. So laid back was the evening, it was sorta like going out and staying it, both at the same time!?!  It might be 2014 but in true retro style, it was out with the new, and in with the old!

When you think about your gaming history, where what did it all begin for you? For me, the night took me right back to the very start, before even the ZX Speccy, to the days of the Atari 2600. Yeah! Although I never owned one back in the day, fortunately my good friend, Daz, did.   I don’t know if he still has it or not but some 30+ years later my 8bit buddy also named Daz brought his along, souped up with a flash cartridge too aka the harmony cartridge.  Thanks mate! Whereas this was pure plug in and play, Daz is quite the modfather when it comes to modifying hardware – just check out his 2013 page…


Anyone who knows the VCS will surely know Combat…. it’s pure head-to-head fun with tanks, bi-planes and fighter jets, bouncy bullets, bendy bullets and visibility bullets, this games has 27 combat modes!  Daz and I tried out a few of them before agreeing to *attempt* a Communal Combat Challenge and this is what happened….

Good to see Abi back at the 8bit and she and Ash were the first participants.  Good sports and good friends, I don’t think either wanted the other to lose but after two draws,  Ash edged to victory and into the next round.  Then, leaving the Atari for others to join in, it was good to see Kev, Joe, Harv and Joe take up this just-for-fun challenge. The round was complete with an epic Daz 12 – 11 Gaz encounter which was fun all the way.

In seeking Ash’s SF opponent, I bumped into Luke Deane who’d performed earlier in the night.  Naturally we played a friendly or two on the Combat while he told me a little about his music with quality records and the time he’d overloaded a gameboy while performing!.  Good luck with your future plans mate. For me it’s the live performances by artists such as Luke, Monoform and Slobodan that add so much to the 8bit night’s great vibe…


Alas our missing combatant Joe was AWOL so super-sub Leon stepped in, only for Ash to then have to leave himself.  This meant only one thing…. Leon, come on down, you’re in the final mate!  Unperturbed by these shenanigans hot shot Daz looked assured in their warm-up game, winning comfortably, whereas Leon was still getting the measure of the game play.  The bookies were confident and so it was time. Yet against the odds and against the form books, it happened. Leon. Beat. Darren. 7-6!!! Great battle lads.

Combat Challenge 210114



About to call it a night, heading for the door,  when Tom invited me for a nightcap game of Bomberman on the Saturn. There really is something about this game. The deceptive simplicity of the gameplay, yet there’s tactical elements too, and the if-only-I-could-stop-making-that-dumbass-move gives Bomberman HUGE just-one-more-go playability.  Addictive! Tom’s pretty ballistic but Daz was dynamite that night!  Anyway, nice one fellas for the thrashing.  Tank you indeed haha


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