A Happy New Year to all our readers and we figured what better way than to experience some pure unadulterated Kick Off 2. A free for all with the one common purpose – to simple score more than the opposition and come out the victor.

We’ve lost count of the amount of JFF’s over the years but figured we would blog this one to analyse our performances and see what we could learn. After all, this is the game that keeps on giving and we liken it to an Onion with many layers left to discover about the game and indeed our play.

We decided we’d play a straight forward x4 but how would our performances fair as the night wore on?


Concentrating purely on goal scoring ability, Si and Steve were quick out the blocks yet Gaz managed just the one. But this is where the analysis shows what’s beneath the surface! Whilst Steve and Si were involved in a humdinger of a game with 9 goals with only one goal separating them, Gaz may have only scored one. But he won it – which is the one goal we were striving for.

Despite this rampant start by Si ,he then hit bottom and didn’t regain the same heights till Game 5. It’s here that perhaps an element of mind control comes into play because whilst Si may have been disappointed with losing the first game, he did start off on fire goal scoring wise, but with the ultimate goal to win games, this seemed to affect his goal scoring for the next portion of games. Interesting how a single defeat can affect us!

On the flip side, buoyed by his single goal victory against Steve, Gaz channelled this to great affect by scoring 5 in his next game. Just like how the graphic jumps up for Game 2. It was drop again for Games 3 and 4 but he was consistent, before zooming up for Game 5 – a fixture that saw us all peak from a goal scoring POV and wow each other with our goal scoring prowess! (or marvel at the Jam on display lol)

For the last batch of games, on average we were all seemingly the same, but  Steve proved the exception tonight during his 7th Game with a very healthy 7 goals in a game. Indeed, it was this goal scoring which probably nabbed him first place because he would also score 7 during Games 3 and 5.

But how did our defence compare to our attack? Putting the ball in the net is only half the story so we figured we’d have a butchers at this too and put our goals against in the mixer to see what we could find…


What’s remarkable about Gaz’s night is that it does seemingly show a direct link between his kick off play and tiredness with perhaps an element of caffeine deficiency thrown in for good measure! With things like this you’re always going to see a random unusual peak in either stat but you can clearly see that on a whole, his attack went up and was consistent – with it peaking during that infamous game 5. However, after this round of games, his attack suddenly dipped and it took him the remaining three games to get it back upto speed. His defence meanwhile clearly reveals that he let in more goals as the night wore on.


Likewise with Si’s, this also shows a link between form and time. From an attacking perspective, he has a great first round but then it took him upto Round 5 to get back upto speed – however this then dipped a little…only a little mind you. The stats also prove that had his defence been it usual brilliant self, then sure, you could argue rounds 2, 3 and 4 would have been lost. But every other round showed a healthy amount of goals going in.


That first game again shows that it was key for Si losing his form early on but it had the oppositie effect for Steve. With a win under his belt, he translated this to a great defence. Although he lost in round 2 it was only by the one goal and the goals against show a steady rise as perhaps that initial confidence waned. Although, as evident, his attacking enjoyed many peaks which was to prove vital in his first spot.

So what  have we learned? Interestingly we have learned that for the night of the 3rd of January at least, that first game was vital in setting up the form of both Steve and Si and Gaz’s night would be directly linked (seemingly) by the progress of time throughout the night.

What was also very interesting is that during 21 games in total, we saw 90 goals go in for our attacks and 91 land in the net for our defence

Whilst we’ve going through a myriad of stats and conclusions, KO2 was always a part of a bigger picture and the night saw many other laughs and discussion along the way. Looking forward to the next one lads. But will the goals flow in more freely? Will we cancel each other out? Who knows! What is guaranteed is that we’re gonna have a laugh doing it that’s for sure and whilst 2014 is the year of the next-next generation of consoles, there will always be time for the Amiga and king of them all, Kick Off 2.


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