More than revisiting some old C64 classics, we were rekindling old friendships last night. For some of us it had been 5, 10 even 20 plus years since we’d seen one another! Yet within seconds it was just like old times…. and the laughs and the memories, like the beers, were flowing. Even Daley Thompson’s Underpants got a mention lol

Ray, Si, Ste, Bri, Dave, Daz, Gaz and John

Ray, Si, Ste, Bri, Dave, Daz, Gaz and John

Before our journey began, we raised a glass of Dave’s proseco.  Cheers everyone! 8 men on an 8-bit adventure with a Leaderboard to guide us through six of the best C64 games* (subject to opinion hehe).  This was no ordinary Leaderboard either. To add a random element, allow me to introduce the “Wheel of Life” (earlier raided from the kids’ disused Game Of Life).

2013-12-29 11.32.56

At the end of each round, the player with the lowest score took the liberty to spin.  Should it produce an even number, the maxium 8 leaderboard points go to the highest scoring player, 7 to the 2nd and so on. Should it be odd, however, the whole system is inverted to award points in the reverse order! Oh, and for an extra drinking boost, if the spin ends on number ‘1’ then everyone *must* finish their drink “in one”.  Not that it was needed…


c64n boulder dash l1

What a gem! From the opening music this game has a good feel to it. Dave volunteered to go first, completing the one level challenge with ease and 270pts. Was this a good score?  To be honest, none of us knew. Si investigated, quickly perfecting his route, achieving what must be almost a perfect score of 334pts. Surely this was unbeatable but saving his best to last, John surprised everyone, and maybe himself too! Perhaps not deliberately but a very shrewd move in retrospect, John lost a life causing him to collect the same diamonds twice – and the top score to boot! A special thanks to John for his superb hardware help, bringing along not one but two C64s, both modded with a shedload of goodies on a sd card.  Cheers pal.

1. John – 402
2. Si   – 334
3. Bri  – 331
4. Daz  – 331
4. Ray  – 327
6. Ste  – 318
7. Gaz  – 312
8. Dave – 270

In the first spin of the Wheel of Life, Dave inverted the scores putting himself immediately top of the tree.  How significant would this be?


c64n kick start2
Not a universally popular game, it has to be said, but Kik Start 2 I’m sure rewards paitence and precision.  Our first team challenge, we seperated into two groups: born-in-the-60s vs born-in the-70s (Gaz, Dave, Daz and Ray v Si, Bri, John and Ste), with a series of head-to-heads drawn straight out of santa’s hat.   After all four battles, the scores were even so on to the decider: Daz vs John. And what a contest it was, with less than a second between them after all 5 courses.  As a sporting gesture we agreed to call it a dead heat and so it was 8 points all round.


c64n dropzone

This excellent defender clone probably had the most one-more-game addictability. A class game and an awesome display from Daz with a 30K+ highscore that not even the wheel of life could deny him.  Nice one Daz!  Great to see you again, and brill news to hear the developments on the music front too. A good omen for 2014 I reckon.

1. Daz    – 35,160
2. Dave   – 29,050
3. Gaz    – 16,340
4. Ray    – 16,190
5. Ste    – 13,440
6. Si     – 9,530
7. Bri    – 5,050
8. John   – 5,000


c64n rocektball6
For our second team challenge we grouped along Blues v Villa lines (Dave, Ray, Si and John v Gaz, Daz, Bri and Ste).  99% slapsick and 1% skill just about summed up Gaz’s gameplay, though whoever’s playing Rocketball, the laughs are guaranteed. Gaz was drawn again Dave who clearly had the moves, sporting and otherwise haha, and who lead the way for the Villians to enjoy  victory over us Bluenoses. Swines!  Superb to catch up Dave and like we said we can’t leave it so long next time.


Another quality shoot-em-up with one of Rob Hubbard’s finest soundtracks imo.  As it happens Daz himself did a remix back in the day that can be found on the Commodore 64 Scene Database.  And he’s not only got the tunes but some crazy-comet-dodging maneuvers too for a highscore by some margin….

1. Daz   – 12,735
2. Dave  –  7,685
3. Ste   –  7,430
4. Ray   –  6,790
5. Gaz   –  4,873
6. Si    –  4,321
7. John  –  4,400
8. Bri   –  4,120


c64n ballblazer
This one-on-one futuristic sports-style game provided the final round, where we opted for balanced teams of 1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th v 3rd to 6th (Dave, Daz, Bri and John v Ste, Ray, Gaz and Si). Ste “claimed” not to know this game and yet then proceeded to slamdunk Gaz in their “tutorial game” haha.  Not the first and certainly not the last evil move he’ll play!   Ray, however, proved to be the master, instantly getting the orientation whether in and out of possession of the “blob”.  He lead his team to victory yet was undone by the Wheel of Life.  Such a  laugh to see you again Ray and hopefully catch you at an 8bit Lounge soon.

All that was left to do was to tot up the scores on the Leaderboard that never lies.  And with an interesting 60s-top-half/70s-bottom-half split, the King of the C64 Night was…….Dave!  Well played mate. Humble as ever he dedicated his crown to the Wheel of Life haha.  A huge, huge thanks to everyone for making the effort to attend and creating a fantastic spirit, it really was a blast from the past in every sense.

c64n leaderboard


4 thoughts on “C64 Night

  1. Great write up Gaz and a top night, lol at the Microsoft Excel C64 Style too.
    Crazy Comets and it’s sequel were great to see…infact, it’s Sequel suprised me how good the graphics were to be honest.

  2. Cheers fellas! The more I reflect the more special this get-together becomes. It went by so quick too, almost too quick to take it all in tbh. Certainly too quick for me to get any grasp of Rocketball or Ballblazer lol Still, as always, meeting up was the main event! 🙂

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