If Heinekin did Retrogaming nights,  it still couldn’t match the 8Bit Lounge. No way!  The Hare and Hounds pub in Kings Heath, home to the most electro, retro night in the West Midlands chalked up its 4UP anniversary on tuesday.  All credit to organisers Tony and Leon and all contributors for another great evening.  I hadn’t been for a while so there was a reunion-type feel to seeing old friends again.  The vibe was celebratory, christmassy, chiptuney and the extra high turn out added to the 8bit buzz.

4-man linked Doom


As well as the countless consoles, a line of laptops was networked but why?  20 years of Doom, that’s why!  Even more to celebrate and, like the night’s atmosphere, this wad was pumped up to the max…more speed, more guns, more blood and guts!  F**k loads of it!!! On the walls, on the floors, even on the god damn screen.  And if you still wasn’t sure, press Q to stomp on the the f***ker lol!!! John, Leon, Danny and Gaz  fought it out in this seminal first person shooter that’s still got it today.

Psycho Santa Leaderboard

pyscho santa tree
Getting back to something more seasonal… Psycho Santa… what better time to play (you certainly wouldn’t  want to play any other time lol).   Gaz and Tom took on the crimble challenge but struggled, it has to be said. Anyone who knows this coverdisk game will recall it’s unforgiving gameplay.  And just as we were ready to accept it was simply unplayable, up stepped Si… who by strange coincidence had spent a 1-week placement with Bullfrog (the game’s publisher back in the day).  And what an awesome display on sleigh and pogo stick! We watched in disbelief like children in a grotto as Santa stacked up an astonishing ho-ho-highscore !!!

1. Simon   59,471
2. Garry    3,183
3. Tom      1,017
And that wasn’t the only elite gaming skillz witnessed that night… there was the “Queen of Tetris” who wasn’t half bad on the Amiga Pinball Dreams too.  Meanwhile the chiptunes were the perfect soundtrack for the night, amongst them Floyd’s “Money” which sounded *almost* as good as the original!   That or the Purity ale was truly hitting the spot haha

Hare and Hounds Stadium

H&H Stadium Goal!

And first to walk out on the specially modded pitch (a first draft anyway), it was a great surprise to bump into Jon again.  Welcome back mate! After something like a two year absence, our extra nostalgic Kick Off 2 friendly fittingly ended with honours even, and uncannily produced that magic number of the night!

Jon 4-4 Gaz

8bit 4UP


So here’s to 4UP, here’s to the many more, and here’s to the 8Bit Lounge… probably the best retro night in the world!


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