A great word (Thanks Iain Dowie!) and it’s a great quality too. All the best teams have it but do you? Turning once more to Kick Off 2 (it would be rude not to) we thought we’d investigate….

Before that though we had more rubber to burn with Overdrive. First time round Si took all four GP track records but who would be make the grade with a 4×4 over four new tracks?


Gaz certaily used the 4×4 to maximum effect with plenty of off-track driving lol but the real battles of the night were between Si-macher and Ste.  Seconds were split many times over as lap records tumbled, and we discovered “the perfect skid”.  Ste was the pioneer for this, coming almost uncontrollably out of an oil slick with perfect position and orientation to pick up the fast approaching turbo. Wow! Ste did it, Gaz did it, then Si missed it but still got that track record!?!  The OD moment of the night had to be Ste’s track record achieved on the very last lap of his very last race – and by 0.01 of a second!! Ste was stunned, Si was stunned, even the game’s stopwatch was stunned lol So the night ended with honours even, Si and Ste collecting two track records each.  The more we play,  the more this game reveals so we’re sure to be coming back for more soon…

Overdrive - 4x4

And so on to our KO2 enquires….playing x4 jff league with a free choice of tactics. Game on!

Following his underpar Overdrive performance, Gaz was slow off the grid. Gold medals still around their necks, Si and Ste were quickly into the groove each clocking up victories over Mr Bronze.   After flatlining for three matches, Gaz finally showed his own bouncebackability.  He had to change something and, to stop-the-rot, switched to the Lockout tactic, which oddly improved his attack???  Comeback of the night goes to Ste who 0-5 down at HT showed tremendous resolve to bring it back to 5-5 against Si.  Snatch of the day goes to Gaz who’s not-quite-vintage encounter with Si looked to be heading for a 0-0 bore-draw before a late cross-pass, trap-and-move goal finished a game we should never recall again! Ever!  Despite these setbacks, Si, though was the overall winner of the night, with an impressive W4D2L2 record.

As for our analysis, the overall picture was even: 50% of players who took the lead went on the win those matches and so obviously 50% who fell behind managed at least to level the FT score.  Individually it is considerably more varied….

First to Score

Resolve - First to Score

Interestingly Gaz was first to score in 63% of his games but this only produced a W2D0L2 outcome which I’m sure he’d like to improve upon. Ste took the initiative in half of this games and where this happened showed good resolve by losing only one, and slow-starter Si was just about awake by HT haha

Fall Behind

Resolve - Fall Behind

Naturally the mirror image of the above Gaz fell behind in only the minority of his games, and Ste in half of his. Although Si went behind in 63% of this games, this didn’t seem to matter.  Based on these figures, Mr King really is the comeback king  with W3D1L1 boucebackability.  They don’t call those closing moments of a game, “kingy time” for nothing, and that never-say-die attitude certainly brought him the honours on the night.  Well played mate!


Resolve Results

Resolve Route to the Top


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