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Not even back in the day did we link up our Amigas but 20+ years late our A1200s were boldly going where they’d never gone before…..  Yep, here at Press Fire to Play we might be retro but we’re always mixing things up, and after flashcard harddrives, our latest addition was the null modem serial lead (25pin F-F).  Bit of a mouthful I know but this inexpensive cable opened the door to more multiplayer fun from yesteryear. The mysterious ‘Link Up’ option was unused no more! And to big-up our 4P fun, hardware wizard John brought along his projector, for a cinematic display with colours more vivid and definition surprisingly better than our CRTs.


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“Checkpoint!” After all these years, it still feels great to hear the game yell that, and Lotus 2’s smart graphics, slick presentation and quality gameplay always made it one of the best drivers on the Amiga. Linking up was effortless and with four of us on the starting grid, we were revvvvved up and ready! We jumped over logs on the Forest, flew down through the tunnels in the City, before f***ing it up in the Fog haha  That said Ste Le Mans despite asking “where am I?” found the extra horsepower. “Congratulations”


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We’d enjoyed our recent 2P trip to skidsville so much, we thought we’d return for double the mayhem. This game was made for 4P, even if the set-up can be a bit hit/miss. Avoid the carnage at the start of a race then you’ve got a chance but one uncontrolled skid and you’re fcuk’ed in the grass or worse still do an 180′. WTF! And even then, there’s the many intersections where collisions are just a pixel away.  No sunday drivers allowed!  Keeps you on your toes, this one, and Si and Bri had some great battles for top spot.


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Team 17’s Overdrive has that extra gear alright!  The pace of the game sets this one apart and there’s quite a skill to getting your lines just right, not only to navigate the twisty-turny bends but also to pick up those vital turbos. With four vehicles, fives tracks in each of the four terrains, we’ve got plenty to explore but the trend has already been set.

In our knockout cup best-of-5 format Si went through the semi’s 3-1 against Gaz, as did Bri over Ste, before Kingy took the final 3-0 in a high quality contest with not a great deal between the drivers.  That’s the thing with Overdrive, the margins are tiny.  We’re even talking one hundredth of a second whiskers! Time trial mode is intense – headbandingly so lol – where over 8 laps you  shave fractions of a second of your personal best and if you’re lucky acheive the track record.  As the best times tumbled and records got hotter it soom emerged that nothing less than a virtually perfect lap with 100% turbo collection would do.  Despite Ste and Gaz both notching up some fine times it wasn’t enough. Si. was. killing. it. Respect!  With an impressive clean sweep of track records for the first four Grand Prix circuits, the bar is sure set high. Until our next spin, over but not out…

Overdrive GP times


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