It was time… the  A1200 souped up with 4gb flashdrive (cheers again John!), it was time for a spin down amiga memory lane.   And making his retro debut it was terrific to have Todd complete the 4-player line up, a shedload of games to revisit, with gold, silver, bronze and wooden spoon hehe destinations all possible…



One of the great amiga footy games with that instant pick-up-and-play feel. Si opened his account with literally his first attack of the night, enough to see him through 1-0 against Gaz.  Agent Sensible (Steve) meanwhile looked assured overcoming Todd 4-2 who wasn’t even alive when SWOS came out but that didn’t stop him deservedly taking the 3rd place final over Gaz aka Woody. Steve then ‘Harlem Globetrotted’ his stuff in the final, pinging the ball around left, right and centre to secure a 1-0 victory. Slam dunk!

1. Ste 2. Si 3. Todd 4. Gaz



Frustrating yet fun, annoying but addictive. There’s a hard earnt satisfaction to taking the bend at just the right speed and angle to avoid that f***ing grass! Si was finding just the right lines with his sub 20-second laps in qualifying, yet got off to bad start against Ste before overtaking him on literally the final home straight. Whisker! Back to form, he was emphatic in the final, leading from start to finish against Gaz.  Played!

1. Si 2. Gaz 3. Ste 4. Todd



Like Skidmarks this has mayhem by the bucketload but with added pitstop power games.  Necessary refuelling or a chance to do your opponent over haha?  You decide!  Si applied his skills from Skidmarks to edge past Steve while Gaz booked his place in the final amid some kamikaze driving from Todd!  Unscatched Gaz then notched a narrow victory for his first gold.  Get in!

1. Gaz 2. Si   3. Todd  4. Ste

Todd took to this slickest of gravity games with ease and was a clear contender for gold. In qualifiers he’d shown precision as well as astute thinking on choice of route, and eased into the final to meet Gaz who by contrast had just kept on going Forest Gump-style despite already crossing the finishing line against Si. Plonker!  Somehow the Gaz Force came into affect and he claimed a second successive gold, as much due to an off-race for Todd.  Next time mate!
1. Gaz 2. Todd   3. Si   4. Ste

The only 6-player tetris in the world apparently, and the Jan Hammer-style tune wasnt bad either.The 4P banter was the real extra ingredient though.  Immune to the stick we were giving him and a bit of a shape-shifting meister it has to be said, Si was well and truly top of the pile, taking gold by some distance.  Solid!

1. Si   2. Todd  3. Gaz  4.  Ste



Finishing where we began with a footy round  and another amiga classic.  KO2 is arcade football, where the action zips from end to end in seconds, yet there’s a depth to the game play and ball control. Against the run of play and the stats, an energy effecient Ste, prevailed 4-2 over Si. Meanwhile Todd despite three times in front, narrowly lost 3-4 to Gaz.  And in a fitting finale that ended 5-5 (7-7 aet) it went all the way to penalties before the chatty man of kick off nicked a 8-7 ding-dong shoot out victory.  Back of the net!

1. Ste  2. Gaz  3. Si  4. Todd

Well played Si on taking the night’s honours in our fun amigaboard/leaderboard.  The hour was now late but our trip down memory was only just beginning…..TBC!


1. Si, G2S2B2, 18pts

2. Gaz, G2S2B1W1, 17pts

3. Ste, G2B1W3, 13pts

4. Todd S2B2W2, 12pts


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