We may as well have been on the moon for this month’s 8-Bit lounge, certainly felt like another dimension in the atmospheric main room at the Hare and Hounds Pub.  

With the night’s @$%# -em-up theme, I have to say I was uncontrollably drawn, tractor beam-like to the CoinOPs system on the Xbox.  Nice one Vinny!   WTF it was 1980 again, back when I first stepped into an arcade. For me there’s something magical about a sprite’s blurry glow across the dark CRT background.   That or I should have gone to specsavers lol.


Damn good it was too to play Galaxians again, head to head with David, taking turns to set a new highscore.  Audio wise, it’s instantly recognisable, from the “pwwwssssh, pwwwssssh” firing sound to the screaming staccato galaxian swoop!


Whoever thought that shooting a centipede in a field of mushrooms would make a good idea for a  videogame??? Who cares, it works, and despite Centipede’s simplistic graphics, it still retains that playability. And there was no way I was gonna challenge hardware hero John’s highscore in this one.

defender title

defender explosion

defender hof

One of timeless greats and an absolute classic imo is Defender by Williams.  From the opening “waaaawwwwowwwwowwwowww” sound effect, this one takes you some place else!  And it’s a ridiculously hard place too, which is maybe part of the appeal.  It was a challenge to get to the second attack wave to begin with though we soon did  but even losing a life looks cool in this gem.  Still, myself  and 8-bit regular Tom had a tremendous battle of the basement in this hall of fame hehe.

Chatting as we played , Tom then told me how earlier this very evening his young daughter had managed something quite special – she’d started to walk!  He joked how she didn’t realise quite what she’d achieved despite Mum and Dad clapping and cheering.  Now, as all parents and even astronauts would agree, those really are the small steps to celebrate!


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