Di Baggio’s penalty miss hands World Cup to Brazil

Roberto sure had it bad at World Cup ’94 but not so the 8bit Loungers. The loneliness of the Penalty Kick Taker?  Hell no! Tuesday night’s Retro Penalty Shootout put you amongst friends and this one ended in cheers all round.

On the fly, on the night, players will invited to join in. We hoped for an 8 player knock-out format but soon got double that and then some, such was the enthusiastic response.  Many players were new to each other, many were new to Kick Off 2, the 1990 classic, but all were up for a  game. Respect!

The vibe was as laid back as the way cool 8Bit music that night….

I can’t say I recall all the matches but Tom B’s 10-9 victory over Azeem M was a memorable opening encounter with the highest aggregate score of the night which finally ended when Azeem’s sudden death penalty struck the post. Fine lines!  Abby, should not have doubted herself so much, going out to Adrian by just one goal. Maybe next time! And great to see my RCM pal Gary again who returning after way too long was back on winning form.

Always practice with a pint!

Always practice with a pint!

Interestingly the KO2 players with experience from yesteryear, James Br, Martin B and Ian L, all went out in the first round, though look forward to you guys joining us again some time.  John L and Martin B despite losing their opening matches got unexpected byes to the quarter-finals when their victors were unable to play, and when Martin B took full advantage we wondered if he might do a “Denmark” !?  The Semi-Final “Battle of the Tom’s” was quite a duel with Tom M impressively converting 9 of his 10 kicks to reach the final.

The tension of a tournament...

The tension of a tournament…

At the last minute John M got side-lined performing more amiga hardware heroics elsewhere but it’s people like him who help keep the 8bit scene alive. Kudos man! John’s exit gave the opportunity of a late, late entry….. step forward Hamesh.  Talk about super sub, he stormed through each round like he was Roy of the Rovers but could this have a fairytale ending?

Maybe it was the pressure of the final, or maybe the accumulation of the beers lol but both players struggled to convert their early kicks.  Tom was first to forged a lead but his incredible series of woodwork hits (was it something like three posts?) let Hamesh back in, who kept his nerve to take the first ever KO2 Shootout Crown.  Congrats to Hamesh, and to Tom, and to all who took part in this most fun of fun cups!

Shootout final

They think it’s all over, it is now! (Hamesh v Tom)

Just when we thought the final whistle was about to go, we found time for one last shootout….. Leon vs Slob Odan…. and what a entertaining match up it was. Amid some quality commentary and cries of  “Come on Bournemouth!” Slob claimed  victory as well as  the imaginary “8Bit Belt”. hehe  The Hare and Hounds End  then gradually emptied as the 8Bit fans made their way home, the cheers and jeers still ringing in our ears, all content in the knowledge that the night may be over but the Retro somehow never ends…


THE “16”
Tom B     10 –  9 Azeem M
Martin M  4  –  3 John L
Abby P    1  –  2 Adrian S
David S   5  –  6 Tom M
James Br  4  –  8 Hamesh B
Darren H  5  –  3 Leon T
Gary T    3  –  2 Phil O
Ian L     7  –  4 Martin B

John L   3  –  7 Tom B
Tom M     8  –  7 Adrian S
Darren H  7  –  9 Hamesh B
Martin B 5  –  2 Gary T

Tom M     9  –  6 Tom B
Martin B  4  –  7 Hamesh B

Hamesh B   8 – 7  Tom M


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