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Just for Fun’s (JFF) are quite common place in the West Midlands and so are acronyms too – we’ve had KOBRA, SIKO, KORA, KOOHL, COD and now a new one to the Mixer – HALLO. Yep, say hello to the HALsowen League of kick Off, where much like it’s youngerself in Old Hill, it will be full of Beer, goals and the ooh’s & ahh’s that have made our neighbours wonder what the f*ck’s been going on since 1990!

Kick Off wise, it was a chance to try out existing machines since the house move – with good reason in hindsight! The Monitor lead was wedged into the screw connector, although it wasnt actually connected into the monitor socket. A bit of DIY and an electric shock later and we wernt sure what was borked. It was either the monitor or the Amiga, so we did the honorable thing and relegated them both to the sidelines. Gaz brought an Amiga and now the TV was rubbish! So a quick trip to the loft to get a replacement and we got down to some games…

Simon K 5 – 1 Steve E
Steve E 5 – 1 Garry C
Garry C 4 – 3 Simon K
Steve E 5 – 1 Simon K
Garry C 1 – 3 Steve E
Simon K 0 – 8 Garry C
Simon K 2 – 5 Steve E

Interesting run of 5-1 results (all for player 1 too) and a whopping 8-0 victory for Gaz, wiping away any accusations that Team B was weaker.

We didnt actually complete our x4 that we inputted (it’s our default number of games against each other…mad? us? It’s how we roll…play Kick Off into the early hours and then keep playing some more!) as we had far greater things to discuss…namely putting the world to rights!

So that was that…the Charity Shield to the start of the football league, a Diana Ross missed Penalty before the start of the world cup and the JFF before the very first tournament.

The house was different but the fun was the same. Cya next time!


One thought on “HALLO to Halesowen!

  1. Great to be there on day #1 mate, the beginning of a new chapter, and almost felt drunk by the occasion lol. Good vibes, loving the new name, HALLO to good times! 🙂

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