horace blue

One week ’til my bro gets married so what do we do?  A drinking tourney of course!   We put our heads together to come up with a Spectrum themed retronight plus 80s soundtrack with the simple objective: let’s get pssst!

Regulars Ste, Si, and John joined myself and Bri, and we were pleased to welcome our other bro, Adam, for his retro debut.  We knew our goal was achievable but with Spectrum Shots, the irresistable Pacman Punch hehe and much else besides on tap we just didn’t know how quickly!

spectrum shots

pacman punch

To give the evening some shape (and get everyone drinking) a leaderboard was devised of Spectrum classics such as Jetpac, Manic Miner, Sabrewulf, Tranz Am and Horace Goes Skiing.  For each game we set some drinking rules. If a player fails the relatively simple 48K challenge (eg build the Jetpac rocket) he takes a shot, if a player passes the more difficult 128K challenge (e.g fuel-up and complete the level) everyone else takes a shot, and the player with the best score, you’ve guessed it, he takes a shot too!


Along Blues v Villa lines, the six of us played Team Jetpac, with the head-to-head battles determined by the dreaded drinking dice. Adam, in his first ever game, fuelled his ship impressively and was literally pixels away from launch. So near yet so far but the first round to the Blues. The Villans took their shots!   “It’s not a cup of tea, lads” lol.   Gaz looked to have the second tie in the bag with a super quick level completion but he’d overlooked his score:   Bottoms up for the Bluenoses!  At 1-1 it went to a decider and can’t for the life of  me remember how but amid the cheers and the boos, John nicked it for the Villa.  Time for [yet] another drink. The night the was still young but like Jetman we were already flying!



Trans Am - 2


Details got pretty hazy from now on but we drunk our way through more Spectrum gems. What a treat to revisit Manic Miner, the platformer of all platformers imo.  And Sabrewulf with its clever use of colour was a pleasure to see again if a pain to play! Man, that game is tough.  I had Talking Heads, Talk Talk and Robbie Neville playing  as I put my foot full on the gas across Tranz Am’s desert but Horace was the hero of the night.  Crash after crrrrrrassssshhhhhh! lol


Race ya!

Race ya!

The spirits were high, the spirits were flowing, the jokes, the banter, the half-drunk conversations about god knows what, this was what the night was all about. What a blast fellas!  We didn’t complete the leaderboard but were past caring since in true Horace Goes Skiing style, one by one, we all crashed out. Inevitably the night reached the ‘game over’ stage for all of us.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

game over

the morning after the night before


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