Si v John with Bri, Mark and Gaz (“Come on John!”)

Who’d have thought that the opening seconds would pretty much shape everything that followed in this tourney….

Mark W
Simon K
John B
Brian C
Garry C

Simon K 4 – 2 Garry C
Garry C 1 – 2 Simon K

Diving straight in without any warm-up games, we all agreed to just go for it. Cold and rusty? Nah, Si was lightening quick out of the blocks, scoring not only from his kick off but then from mine too! 0-2  within 20 seconds. I wasn’t just crusty, I was toast! By HT I’d managed a paltry two shots on goal so no complaints here. Our second round tie was different though. With the game destined for 1-1 I was the one pushing for victory with an injury time corner. Si had other plans though, cleared my attack, then broke himself and with literally the last kick of the game, the whistle going before even the player had time to somersault, he stole all three points.  Snatch of the day and I was gutted! Still, credit where it’s due, leading the table from the beginning to the end of the evening, a fully deserved title mate.

Garry C 4 – 2 John B
John B 2 – 4 Garry C

Same score each time, and two very tight games. My first battle with John remained goalless until something like the 7th minute after some fine defending. In our rematch again, John played well again and with more luck in front of goal, would easily have got more reward. I’m sure this will come. Kudos to John though who scored, I believe, the only free kick goal of the night.

Pre-match banter: Bri v John

Pre-match banter: Bri v John

Garry C 4 – 2 Mark W
Mark W 5 – 3 Garry C

Really appreciate Mark trekking down form the North west. Good to seeya mate! I took the lead in round one and kept it but never by much. Just when Mark looked to be making a come back the game threw a wobbler. My keeper made a diving save whilst simultaneously taking the ball behind for a corner. The ref didn’t give it and then went into a sulk refusing to blow whenever the ball went out of play!  So we reset the game and I hung on. Just! Mark was a different animal second round, having made the transition from the online timing differences, and was always in control to complete a 100% second round. Mr Silver strikes back!

Brian C 3 – 7 Garry C
Garry C 5 – 2 Brian C

Both of my games against my bro were especially funny, with Bri’s wry observations of KO2’s sometimes peculiar goalkeeping habits lol The first was a real ding-dong goalfeast including some clever KO lob decoys, aided and abetted by Si! I must get wise to that fellas haha. I remember Bri took the lead in our second tie, following a major Fisher fumble, much to the delight of Bri’s fanclub. Kobraman fought back though amid further Fisher scrutiny.

Simon K 4 – 2 Garry C
John B 1 – 1 Brian C
John B 1 – 4 Mark W
Brian C 3 – 7 Garry C
Brian C 1 – 7 Simon K
Garry C 4 – 2 Mark W
Garry C 4 – 2 John B
Mark W 1 – 4 Simon K
Mark W 3 – 1 Brian C
Simon K 8 – 0 John B
Garry C 1 – 2 Simon K
Brian C 3 – 1 John B
Mark W 5 – 0 John B
Garry C 5 – 2 Brian C
Simon K 7 – 3 Brian C
Mark W 5 – 3 Garry C
John B 2 – 4 Garry C
Simon K 3 – 5 Mark W
Brian C 1 – 5 Mark W
John B 0 – 8 Simon K

BirminghamXLII-190413png_zpseffb36b7 (1)

With the league complete,  we finished with a free kick challenge! Using one of CV’s plentiful features we had five free kicks each, awarding 3 points if you score (S), 1 point for on target (T) and nothing for a wide (W).

Not as tough as saving a penalty, KO2 free kicks are still damn tricky. I imagined just one conversion would be enough to clinch this until Mark slammed in two consecutively! Understandably dwarfed by the challenge, John and Bri followed unsuccessfully but then Si took his turn and somehow managed to equal Mark’s impressive feat! Then it was my turn… I wasn’t feeling it, and the omens weren’t looking good when I somehow passed my first attempt! Come on, Gaz! Just one, just give me one…. and just when it didn’t seem to be happening…. BOOM! Finding a gap in the wall my surprisingly straight shot went in off the post. YESSSSS! I may not have topped the challenge (respect to Mark and Si) but I’d got my free kick goal.

Mark W: TSSWT = 8pts
Simon K: WTSTS = 8pts
Garry C: TTWST = 6pts
Brian C: TTWTT = 4pts
John B: WWTWT= 2pts

So another KOBRA drew to a close but this tourney felt different. The gathering probably wouldn’t even have happened were it not for the unimaginable boost from learning of my father’s great escape from serious illness after 8 hard, long months. We know you’re some way to making a full recovery but way to go Dad! And that wasn’t the only big news of the moment with the birth of Lucas to very proud parents, Donna and Steve. Congratulations again! And then there’s my bro getting married to Abbe next month. So, here’s to beating the odds, to new beginnings, and to scoring a goal from a kick off free kick!


2 thoughts on “Off to a flyer!

  1. Cheers Bri! Training starts now! Lucas and Elliot for the UK Champs final in 20years hehe – actually, we’ll all about able to take part ourselves come to think of it! Bring on retirement!

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