Some forwards ‘shoot-on-sight’ and have a pop at goal at almost every opportunity whereas others are inclined to wait for just the right opening but which approach is better?  There’s only one way to find out, kick off!


KO2CV loaded, spreadsheet ready, let’s go!

All just for fun, the three of us agreed on a x4 league to find out some answers using the statastic KO2CV (Competition Version). From a points perspective, Ste strolled it with Si and I bringing up the rear (me being the rear!)

Steve W6-D1-L1
Si W3-D1-L4
Gaz W2-D0-L6 (me)

But enough about the league table we’ve got an important enquiry at hand lol and plenty of numbers to crunch, so here are our findings…

Striking Stats 220313

Make of these numbers what you will, but there’s a substantial variation between matches. For example Si started slowly with a 9% conversion (goals/shots) yet later went on to notch up 42% conversion, the highest of the night. Interestingly, in his 5-5 match against Ste he achieved  an impressive 100% accuracy (shots on target/shots), the only player to do this all evening, yet Ste with only 50% accuracy and a lower conversion rate, managed to steal a draw.

Unsurprisingly given his night’s top-dog status, Ste regularly had the most shots per game (if you don’t buy a ticket and all that) and overall comfortably scored the most goals of the night. He may not have been quite as accurate as Si, but he proved the most effective player of the evening.

As for me, the less said the better, I think. In my first round 2-4 defeat to Ste I was just 50% accurate and had the lowest accuracy overall. In our third round tie (man, that game was a ball ache lol) my conversion slumped to just 13%. It was only in my final game that I felt any potency reaching my evening’s best of 88% accurate and 35% conversion rates. Phew!

A few other observations:

* no player with an superior accuracy or  conversion rate lost a game

* the lowest conversion rate to win a match was 14% ( Gaz 3 – 2 Si)

* the highest conversion rate to lose a game was 42% (Si 5 – 7 Ste)

* Si is Mr Accurate, Ste is Mr Effective and Gaz, as always, is Mr Bronze! haha

Striking Stats Summary 220313


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