After the Christmas festivies it was time for the first 8Bit of the year and rather than it simply be a meet up of retro fanatics, music lovers or people just after an old fashioned pint, the gang themed the event around light guns! Yes folks, on this night we literally would be pressing fire to play

2013-02-12 22.13.53

Being a Kid when Operation Wolf was at the arcades (and too small to actually see the screen) this really appealed to me and was going to be a belter! Any perhiperals where you get to point something at a screen and actually see what you’re doing has always appealed to me and infact the whole world what with the Wii taking everything by storm, but rewind a decade or two and you could do that on your 16 Bit console…and at the Hare and Hounds you could do it on your 8 Bit too!

One of the great things about these nights is chatting to the talented people who love to have a tinker. John M had a fine collection and tonight he would show off his Commodore 64 (in pristine condition) which had a light gun facility (unsure if it had been modded to allow this but I was impressed anyway). Equally as impressive was his Amiga with CF Card reader inside and a nice flashing light when it was reading the disk. Very effective and seeing things like this has really got me wanting to do this myself.


Also I chatted to Daz a lot more tonight too and he showed off his website which was host to a managerie of computers given a whole new lease of life. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start but he explained how he soldered the main processor on this one motherboard and gawd knows how he did it, he must have had the nerves of a saint…if indeed they have any nerves…or calm…or even saintly. Anyways!

My  nerves were packed to the rafters, a heavy day in the office and copius amounts of caffeine were coursing through my veins and I wanted some gun wielding action. Not sure what games I went on but I didn’t do too bad! Got the high score no less too!


Good to see Tom too who was enjoying the sanctuary of the 8 Bit to get reacquainted with games after becoming a dad 6 months before. Congratulations Tom! Infact, a pseudo rapper started performing and although we were taken aback at first, we were more than impressed with this guys bravado. The Tin Foil Hate Brigade were great I must say. Kinda confrontational and a wee bit scary on this intimate environment – especially when he starts saying he’s a 12 year old who’s about to go postal on us! Lol! One particular track had him vexed about people always waxing lyrical about their lives on Facebook and sharing every last minute detail to their friends – I completely get you mate and couldn’t wait to let my friends know about you when I logged on the Internet back home! Hehe

Seriously though, I do like the eclectic vibe that the 8 Bit nights give us and it’s always nice to hear live music after not going to any gigs for a long time. Now all I’v got to do is practice my Robocop gun technique… cya next time!



One thought on “Go ahead punk, make my day!

  1. Thought Tony and Leon had done a great job with the night’s theme and the layout was perfect, quite literally a shooting range of light gun games, the entire length of the upstairs gig room. Terrific fun! My memory of the night wasn’t so much gaming this time but “the rocker, the shocker, the show stopper”, The Tin Foil Hat Brigade. Awesome!

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