Two 8bits in two months was a first for us but but we knew we had to make effort for this one. The organisers, Tony and Leon, certainly had, employing both the projector screen and, with the sunny weather conditions outside (finally!), the houmongous projector screen tv in the courtyard. (it took four of us to lift the beast into place!). Nice one fellas.

We’d set up the KO2 more for others to play since apart from a few friendlies we were olympians for the night! The must-play game was Daley Thompson’s Decathlon without a doubt.

There’s something special just witnessing these games again after all this time – and laughing at each other when we didn’t know what to do! Nevetherless Ste, Bri and I soon picked it up and took turns to rival each others records. Ste mastered the high jump, Bri launched the javeline way, way, way off the screen and I bolted the 100m in 10:10! YEAHHH! Not sure if the keyboard beating was too much for the aging Speccy because it crashed soon afterwards but no matter we were already witnesses of each others glory!

Same goes for the classic Hypersports which we played via MAME on a Xbox, I think. Bri took to the swimming like a fish, Evil showed an agile touch on gymnastics but the archery beat me this time.

Track and Field was probably the most popular game of the night, and the set up seemed in constant action. The simplicity of the left/right and button action makes these games so much fun and sooooo additive. My wrist even hurts like it used to!

Before the night was done, John M appropriately captured a team photo with no less than a c64 digitizer which I look forward to posting soon ….


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