The unusually southern position of the atlantic jet stream may be making a washout out of the weather and put paid to the latest 8Bit outdoor plans but the sun always shines inside the Hare and Hounds! Arriving in perfect synch with one another, and fortunately during a pause in the rain, John M and I hurriedly took our hardware into the dry where the ever increasing array of consoles and computers, generating their bleeps, trills and white noise can’t help but transport you to another dimension.

I set up and left the two amiga KO2 stations as invitations to passerbys before taking a stroll down C64 Street. Outrun, International Karate and John’s fave of old, Flimbo’s Quest were on the 8bit menu but Swiv and International Soccer were my highlights. If John could transfer his IS skills to KO2, he’d be something. Meanwhile I couldn’t help but smile upon hearing the ooohhs and aaarhs from across the room, the sound of KO2 near misses, from those testdriving the great game. Two such players, Zac and Andrew joined the line up for our 8Bit Newcomers Cup…

1. Zac B, England, KOA debut
2. Andrew F, England KOA debut
3. Darren H
4. John M

Darren H 0 – 0 Andrew F (0-1 AET)
John M 1 – 2 Zac B

Goals being what they are in KO2, especially to the unaccustomed, the first semi looked destined for penalties until Darren conceeded an extra time penalty. Never easy to convert for a newcomer, Andrew smashed in it to the top right hand corner like a pro to book his place in the final! The goal-less pattern seemed to be repeating itself in the second semi when John took what seemed a decisive lead with barely 90 seconds remaining. Like a bolt of lighting from the stormy clouds outside, Zac struck back, scoring a breathtaking brace in 30 seconds. John was stunned. Zac was stunned. Everyone was bloody stunned!!

Zac B 0 – 1 Andrew F

Despite the high expectations of Zac it was Andy who scored his first KOA goal from open play mid-way through the opening half. Chances a plenty followed and we felt sure more goals were to come in this one. There were certainly more fouls as Andy protected his lead “assertively” The laughs continued too as chances went begging in this very entertaining match even though the scoreline didn’t change. Congratulations to Andy on his debut title at his debut 8Bit visit. Cheers fellas and like I said at the time you’d be very welcome to join us again some other time.

With an 8bit remix of “19” filling both the room and my buzzing head, I watched Daz and John try to crack the PD puzzle game ‘Sensitive’ on the 64 for a while. Next up Daz’s Spectrum 128K set-up with a nifty divIDE interface that took things to a whole new level. 8) Tons of games, instant loads, he even had a episode of Futurama played through the speccy earlier! Why? Who cares why! Anyhow, my 15 minutes of speccy heaven then followed as I lost myself somewhere in the world of Atic Atac. What a game! Always loved this one, and always will. Two pieces of the ACG key to the good, I was on a roll and felt I could really do this! From cavern to upper floors to ACG room, I was finding my way and I was gonna do this first go!!! I didn’t of course and if truth be told I was quite happy not for the magic to end just yet.

What a game!


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