2012 is not only an anniversary year for the Queen, it marks 5 years of KOBRA too.  I’d like to think we’re still having just as much fun now as we did back in KOBRA’s debut.  With everyone here we really could have chatted all night but there was some kick off to play …

Noble Attendees
1. Lord Lob Xth (long lineage here) aka Brian C
2. Earl of Evil aka Steve E
3. Count Kobraman aka Garry C
4. King John II aka John B
5. King, Simon aka Simon K

PART I – The Blues v Villa (4P)

Partly to continue our series of local rivalry, we were also testdriving a beta of  KO2CV 1.08 with an enhanced 4p option.  One player is defence, the other attack, and roles swap at HT.  Team Kick Off could not be more fun.  The banter between and within teams is often hilarious.  If things go right take the credit and if they don’t blame your team mate!  Camberman has done another fantastic job here and I do hope we can make some time at the UKCs for some KO2 Doubles. Twice the players, ten times the fun!

Anyway, representing their Villa heroes were Si and John, and Bri, Ste and myself in the blue corner, taking it in turns to plays when goals were scored/conceded. Handing over possession to your team mate isn’t easy and is a new KO2 skill to learn, but when KO2 co-op play comes off, it can be even more satisfying, unlike our result! Desperate to level the series, we went behind 0-1, I came on to score the equaliser, only for Si to lob his way to another victory. We will be back!

The Series so far….

Blues 4 – 5 Villa
Villa 2 – 1 Blues

PART II – The League

Garry C  2 – 3  Steve E
Simon K  2 – 4  Garry C
Garry C  7 – 2  John B
Brian C  1 – 3  Garry C

My opener against Ste was a edgy, tense battle with Ste taking his chances well (unlike me) and even saving a penalty to cooly secure this victory. “Low energy KO” is how I’d describe my win over Si where things kind of fell into place without really having to work for it. I’m pretty sure John took the lead in our game and really had more of the play than the scoreline suggests. My final game of the round was probably my hardest and my bro had me rattled big time!  Again I had to come from behind but only squeezed ahead in the 8th minute with considerable relief.

Steve E  2 – 4  Garry C
Garry C  5 – 4  Simon K
Garry C 10 – 2  Brian C
John B  0 – 3  Garry C

Whereas I felt I’d earned a 3-1 HT lead, what happened in the second half was pure luck and harshio for Steve.   The sub bug struck where his player went off injured only to be replaced by an equally slow player. Worst still, it’s was Ste’s leading front man, severely limiting his attacking options. An late astute tactical change helped but time was running out.  Si was up for our rematch and this could easily have gone either way. A bizarre game with both of us conceding freak own goals after an attempted clearance went in-off another defender!   Such was my good run of fortune, a 20-second brace mid 2nd half edged the points in my direction.  Compared to our earlier game, this one was chalk and cheese and I score with relative ease against Bri but apologies if they became a tad repetitive. Goals often come easily especially when you need them least, and so it was here with almost everything flying in. I reckon Bri must have passed the battling spirit to John who put up a great fight in what he said was his best performance of the night to end the tourney.

I was congratulated and ribbed in equal measure for this title which I claimed both controversially and fortutiously, and I wasn’t sure whether to apologise or celebrate. I decided to take the smooth with the rough!

PART III – Practive mode challenge!

Just for fun we finished off with a 2-goal challenge. Who could score two goals in the fastest time?  By way of a handicap, we set it to 5 different goals for Si, Ste and myself.  The best bit was jeering each other when they miss chances knowing the clock is ticking!

Best Times:
Steve E 1:04
Brian C 1:21
Garry C 1:58
Simon K 2:04
John B  2:47

Nice one to everyone for attending. This was also Bri and John’s first KOA meeting, and their matches were close, especially the first one. Always great to see you both. John B claimed an usual record actually the highest miss, over by 1029cm!!! (didn’t know that was even possible) with a ‘slightly’ overhit freekick!   Cheers to Ste and Si for offering the guys transport too, and helping us all get togther.  I love the 8Bits too but don’t think we should leave it so long until the next KOBRA and KOOHL eh lads!

Full Results:
Garry C  2 – 3  Steve E
John B  0 – 7  Simon K
John B  1 – 2  Brian C
Simon K  5 – 4  Steve E
Simon K  2 – 4  Garry C
Steve E  5 – 2  Brian C
Steve E  7 – 4  John B
Brian C  1 – 3  Garry C
Brian C  1 – 9  Simon K
Garry C  7 – 2  John B
Steve E  2 – 4  Garry C
Simon K  8 – 1  John B
Brian C  4 – 1  John B
Steve E  3 – 1  Simon K
Garry C  5 – 4  Simon K
Brian C  1 – 9  Steve E
John B  2 – 8  Steve E
Garry C 10 – 2  Brian C
Simon K  5 – 3  Brian C
John B  0 – 3  Garry C


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