No two 8bit nights are ever quite the same and last tuesday was no different. For a start this one began with just me and my bro. If anything this added to the retro feel, the pair of us gaming as we used to, back in the days of pong, before even our spectrum era began! Ste couldn’t make it on tuesday but we’ll catch up soon I’m sure. Si too had other commitments though he neverless managed a surprise cameo appearance at the start of the night. Nice one Si! Naturally we squeezed in a few kick off 2 friendlies over a beer, which Mr King edged with some neat finishing! I remember while we were playing a bunch of lads gathered behind asking what we were playing. One of them thought it was subbuteo ffs!!! Meanwhile Streethawk aka Mr Malkovich aka John M arrived with a PC rammed full of emulators, and he and Bri on MAME checked out every footy game known to man! Some quality, some bizzare and some plain hilarious!

The night proved a chance to chat with Darren. A real nice guy, he’s the Drunk Driving Mario Kart Champion from our last visit and a genius when it comes to modding consoles. Although he hadn’t played KO2 before he was up for entering the draw for another KO2 Taster Cup:

1. Brian C
2. John M
3. Darren H, England, KOA Debut 8)
4. Garry C

Garry C 3 – 0 Darren H
Brian C 5 – 1 John M

Drawn against Daz, our chat continued in the friendliest of games which I hope won’t be his last KO2 tie. Bri started his match with a KO lob and continued in one direction. Upwards! It would have been harsh on John had he remained goaless such were his missed chances and we all laughed when he scored with the lowest of lobs right at the death!

Garry C 6 – 4 Brian C
Battle of the bros! We’ve had some fine encounters recently but the turning point in this came early in the second half when Screech sent off Bri’s Barber. With his lobbing power reduced, especially from KOs, I managed to edge this one.

Just as we were concluding our fun cup, Gary T arrived! Shame he missed it but still great to see him. We toured the room for other gaming options and settled on Mario Kart (N64). After spending half the race sussing out the buttons we both get going, Gaz much more than me, it has to be said, though my memory of this game is when the DJs began pumping out the Crazy Comets theme nearby – it was rockin! While Gaz and Bri played some KO2 friendlies, my night drew to a close with an absorbing series of Bomberman games on the SNES. I’m really getting into the game! Alongside, Darren, Tom (our good Sensi mate) and our friend the “son of KO2 Dad” 🙂 it was immense fun. These guys appreciate the game much more than I but beginning to grasp some of the tactics and pick-ups involved, I was getting hooked and like the 8bit nights themselves, I will be back for more!


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