Ste and I decided to take a backseat from official competition but the night was no less fun. We both packed in some highly enjoyable friendlies anyway. Mine included a thrilling 3-3 against the ever-improving Brian C and 3-6 versus evergreen Evil!

It was great to meet up with Gary and Glen. Such is my memory for names and faces we nearly didn’t meet (!) but thankfully we did and they were great fun and brilliant sports. We first met Gary at the Retro Computer Museum last year. Along with Bri and John, their four names went into the hat for a 8-bit Taster Cup!

1. Gary T
2. Glen H, English, KOA debut 8)
3. Brian C
4. John M

Glen H 0 – 3 Brian C
Gary T 0 – 0 John M (1-0 after pens)

I think I might becoming more a KO2 voyeur these days cause I really enjoyed role of spectator. How Gary and John’s semi remained goalless given the number of keeper spillages is anyone’s guess. And had John’s final shootout penalty not crashed back of the post, things might have been different. As it was, Gary squeezed through. A big thanks to John by the way for his fix of my dodgy a1200 joystick port. Very grateful mate! In his tie, Bri would probably agree his semi-final passage was eased with two converted penalties. Hard lines Glen. Next time!

Brian C 6 – 1 Gary T

Luck played no part in the final, however, with Bri not looking back after gaining an early lead. Entertainingly Gary took great pleasure in his first official KOA goal. This brought the score back to 1-2 I think but Bri pushed on to gain his first KOA title. Go Bro!

We all explored some action across the various consoles. Outrun on the modded N64 was a laugh especially when missing a checkpoint by milliseconds and Galaxians on mame was pure class.


The communal highlight of the night was “Drunk Driving”, Mario Kart style on the big screen. This was something like a 16-player competition, 4 at a time, with the top two finishers progressing to the following round. Don’t know quite how but I made it to the final four. With Ste kidding I had one hand on my first ever gaming trophy (a mario shaped sweet dispenser!! ) I went for it! And came 4th, literally crashing out, after a cracking battle with organiser Tony for last place. All good fun.

Before the night was over we chatted more about other retrogaming events and plans, and a few more guys came over to play some KO2 friendlies. One guy, a dude with dreadlocks, who was considerably younger than us told of his interesting KO2 history. Back in the day when he was just a kid, he’d play his unbeatable Dad who would win every match. Despite this he has an impressive enthusiasm for the great game and took great delight in getting revenge against his mate. Ste gave him an exhibition match of a friendly and although the goals were flying past his keeper, he simply concluded after the match, with a big smile, that was awesome! Maybe he’ll catch us next time. Who knows? One things for sure, the lively musical vibe, the laid back friendly feel, you can’t beat a bit of 8-bit!


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