It was the day before Brian’s birthday (happy birthday bro if you’re reading! ) so that straight away added to the sense of occasion and so we wanted to max the fun feel of this tourney.  We put our heads together and come up with the following…..

1. Brian C
2. John M
3. Simon K
4. Steve E
5. Garry C

I. Appetiser

For starters, and inspired by of Costas’ visit back in 2010, we played some 4 player kick-off. Birmingham (Gaz/Bri) v Aston Villa (Si/John M) with Me&Ste swapping at HT.  So there were 4 active players, 2 screens and 1 amiga.  And what a battle it was (to get possession of the ball anyway hehe) but great fun. As with any derby the tackles were flying but sadly Bri (Cox) saw red and suddenly this was 3-player KO2! Birmingham lead for most of the match but a late surge turned the tie on it’s head. With virtually the last kick of the game (and John’s first after spending most of it on the touchline ;)) Cox went under the radar to emerge in the oppositions box to stroke home the winner.  Blues 4 – 5 Villa!!!! The goal was met with cheers and jeers in equal measure.

Blues v Villa – 4 player KO2 style.

II. Main Course

Next up, came the main event, a 5 man, x1 league.  Myself and Si have endured countless dour matches but our opener was quite different.  Got to say I thought I had this one in the bag leading 6-3 with 90 minutes up until 3 injury time goals from Si!!!  (yes, injury was sufficiently long thanks to the number of fouls committed by my opponent!).  My disappointment was soon replaced by funny sense of disbelief at this unlikely but memorable 6-6.  John didn’t quite convert the chances against me but I gather he got on the scoresheet a number of times last night, even if some of them were in his own net! (Thanks btw mate for taking a look at my A1200 with a dodgy joystick port).

My match was against Ste was not as close as the scoreline suggest.  Evil was always ahead in this way, and seemed comfortable, though had I converted my late chance whilst the real football scores were announced, things might have been different. This result rightly sealed the league title so well played Ste.  And with the final match to play, there remained a fun battle for second place between myself and Si. He v John, Me v Bri. We knew it would come down to goal difference but tactically he concealed his scoreline, having finished his match before me.  The battle of the bros was probably my favourite game of the night. Just when I thought I was going to run away with it, Bri just kept coming back.   You may not play KO2 anymore Bri you were converting those lobs like a pro against me.  I hadn’t planned on scoring 10 but you gave me no choice!  I would have had eleven had the final whistle not blown just before the goal bound shot crossed the line.  No matter, with Si trouncing John N 9-0, he had a +2 GD to secure silver spot. Swine!

  Brian C  1 – 4  Steve E
  Garry C  6 – 6  Simon K
  Garry C  5 – 0  John M
  Simon K  4 – 6  Steve E
  Simon K  4 – 0  Brian C
  Steve E  5 – 1  John M
  Steve E  5 – 4  Garry C
  John M  0 – 2  Brian C
  John M  0 – 9  Simon K
   Brian C  5 – 10 Garry C


III & IV – Desert

The second half of the day’s action would involve an experimental fun cup…..

Firstly, as a qualifier, a best of 10 penalty shootout, between Bri and John would decide who would be eliminated…

Brian C 6 – 2  John M  (You still scored the best pen, John –  a la Gianni T!)

With everyone’s agreement, we devised a rule whereby the leading player’s defence would be removed, player by player, goal by goal, according to their lead.  We didn’t know if it would work or not but thought it was worth a go.  We wanted to ensure games were as tight as possible irrespective of whether you were a kick off nut or a kick off novice.  This was certainly true and rarely did a player gain a two goal lead such is the loss of Cox. Not quite sure we’ll be repeating this experiment but it added a certain drama in as much as the later you scored the less time you opponent had to exploit this advantage.

Garry C 7 – 6 Steve E
Brian C 1 – 4 Simon K

Simon K 5 – 4 Garry C

I edged past Steve in the semi but Si was always on top in this final.  A deserved win indeed mate.

Cheers again to the lads for being game for a laugh in this one. I’m smiling right now as I still hear the echos of those cheers/laughs in our dining room!


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