From the tourney that nearly never happened, it became the tourney with a table no one imagined! Just like the recent Greek action, no one was spared the scars of defeat in this one. With our original plans falling by the wayside at the last minute, we instead discussed/finalised more WC stuff and slotted in a few friendlies on sunday. Rescheduling the tourney for the following night gave it the unexpected but welcome back-to-back world cup feel….

Steve E 5 – 3 Garry C
Garry C 3 – 4 Jon G
Simon K 4 – 4 Garry C

With my moonwalking monitor my start was rocky in more ways than one but Steve’s jitters weren’t bad enough to prevent his moments of class that ultimately separated us. I clocked up another defeat against Jon. This outcome was typical but his performance was not. If truth be told, Jon was clearing a few cobwebs from his gameplay last night. After contemplating ko2 retirement the night before Si was back in kick off easy-street against me. He cruised into a 4-1 lead. Somehow I fought back for a draw and if it were not for two sensational slide-blocks by the WBD to prevent certain goals with Fisher nowhere, I may even have had more.

Garry C 5 – 5 Steve E
Jon G 5 – 6 Garry C
Garry C 4 – 3 Simon K

I ground out another draw at the start of the second round against Ste, once again after being under the cosh, 1-4 down. My efforts were beginning to yield results and my first victory of the night unexpectedly came against Jon. My winner came with something like a nervy 90 seconds to go but I just clung on. Phew! Unknown to me this put Jon out of the title race. My final match had Si three points clear of Ste who was taking on Jon. I took an early lead, 1-0 then 2-0 with Ste starting very aggressively against Jon. As the giant budgie chirped on the omens weren’t good for Si. He nevertheless brought the game back on level terms after the restart, only for me to regain the lead and ultimately edge to victory with a looping diagonal cross come lob – an unlikely winning goal! Meanwhile an emphatic 10-4 from Ste meant he’d actually stole the title in style, harsh though it was on Si.

Si rightly questioned afterwards that he got the double over Jon and still didn’t come out on top – how’s that work? Not so sure you should blame the scatman mate, maybe it’s all part of the unfathomable appeal that is KO2. Who knows….


Simon K  6 – 3  Jon G
Steve E  5 – 3  Garry C
Steve E  1 – 3  Simon K
Garry C  3 – 4  Jon G
Simon K  4 – 4  Garry C
Jon G  5 – 4  Steve E
Jon G  1 – 2  Simon K
Garry C  5 – 5  Steve E
Simon K  3 – 5  Steve E
Jon G  5 – 6  Garry C
Garry C  4 – 3  Simon K
Steve E 10 – 4  Jon G

We also played a mini-cup competition last night, drawing the semi-final fixtures at random. All matches were played over two legs, a crafty excuse to get familiar again with another of CV’s enhancements – the two leg scoring system. Inputting 1st leg scores was a doddle. Hit P (Pause) at the beginning of the game and, using the arrow keys, ‘tick’ the ‘this is 2nd leg’ and input the 1st leg score. Easy.

Jon G 7 – 4 Simon K
Simon K 6 – 7 Jon G

(Jon G wins 14-10 on aggregate)

Garry C 5 – 3 Steve E
Steve E 7 – 4 Garry C

(Steve E wins 10-9 on aggregate)

Garry C 2 – 0 Simon K
Simon K 4 – 5 Garry C

(Garry C wins 7-4 on aggregate)

Steve E 8 – 5 Jon G
Jon G 4 – 5 Steve E

(Steve E wins 13-9 on aggregate)

Cheers fellas for a fun and unexpected night in so many ways.


One thought on “24hrs later…

  1. Blimey…forgot about this. What a legendary table. For jon to finish bottom is no sleight against him at all. Shows how far gaz, si and steve came really, but even with that in mind, its still absolutely crazy. What a moment in time 🙂

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