Maybe it was the three month’s absence since our last visit but it felt good to be back! The uplifting DJ set, the gig venue environment, I think we all felt the 8-Bit spirit and it was great to have my bro make his first attendance there too. We had more than our fair share of hardw. e problems the other night with a monitor, portable tv and joystick all failing on us but fortunately we were equipped to handle this. Anyway, with the 6 of us present, we opted to compete for the small but perfectly formed 8-Bit KO2 Cup.


John M 1 – 6 Garry C
Brian C 1 – 6 Simon K

(Both Steve E and Tom P received a bye)

Tom P 1 – 5 Garry C
Simon K 5 – 3 Steve E

Garry C 5 – 4 Simon K

I remember my first match for it contained John M’s first official KOA goal! Diagonal cross-come-shot into the box, and poked home by the striker just in front of Fisher. Get in there! 8) My SF against Tom was a challenge. Tom took a deserved early lead, transferring his Sensi skills well. I was already struggling big time with the oversized snow-storm replacement tv anyway, when my joystick packed up mid way through the first half. With a replacement stick, a goal game (finally) – amid Simon’s groans hehe – and managed get my game going in the half despite the blizzard conditions! :eeko:

The final against arch rival Si was the proverbial game of two halves. I was 4-0 up after a stroll of a first half, where I was winning all the 50/50s and my men somehow felt stronger. For the second half, however, Si intelligently applied a skilful dribbling strategy to avoid contact with Cox. After the first one went in, others soon followed, and at 4-4 there was only going to be one winner. Time was nearly up when I remembered we hadn’t selected extra time! Fortunately for me, it wasn’t needed when with literally the last kick of the game, I snatched the winner. JR Harshly for Si though who’s fightback deserved more but my first 8-BIt silverware!


The slate was swept clean soon enough when we did another cup draw, this time for the 8-Bit SWOS Cup! đŸ˜¯ Tom had suggested this previously but we’d never had a disk but thanks to John M’s HD collection of games on one of his three amigas it was now possible. Thanks again mate. Incrediably John had transported all this gear on the back of his motorbike too! John also came to the rescue when we had a power cut to our bank of amiga during this second tourney. Somehow, in the dark, using his bare teeth for wire-cutters (!) John undertook the necessary re-wiring work to get us back in action! Heroic and hardcore hardware skills or what! :bow:

Anyway, I was so rubbish at SWOS it was shocking, not even managing a shot against Ste. Si certainly transferred his world best defence skills to his game, parking the coach in front of the goal as it were, to someone overcome Tom, Mr Sensi man himself, 1-0!! His rear guard action couldn’t stop Steve in the final though, who proved he’s not just evil at KO2! Played mate.

Towards the end of the night I recall seeing John and Bri playing some horizonal scroller shooter on the mame emulator while I battled it out with Si on the original Wipeout via a linked set of PS1s. Great fun and despite it’s age it still played well, just like all the best games do


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