The only disturbances in Brum on friday night took place in KOBRA house! The turnout was good, the Cobra tasted good and judging by the volume levels the spirit was good too. Love it when players get into the moment with vocal expressions to rival Thorsten!  Any cries of ‘wrong doing’ or ‘robbery’ all had KO2 connotations as the metaphors flew around the room like the ball across the screen.

John B 0 – 4 Garry C
Garry C 9 – 1 John B

Always a pleasure to see my very good friend from college and good to catch up before the action began. We shouldn’t leave it so long next time! For our first game, John was not only readjusting to his first KO2 in a while but he was also partly preoccupied with the not-so-100% joystick from Ste’s ‘fixed’ collection!  John showed improved focus in his second round, and this was highlighted in the increased number of goals he scored in other games. He put up strong resistance against Rob and ended with quite a flourish against John M, surely his best official score to date. Shaping up for the WC maybe?

Garry C 1 – 1 Simon K
Simon K 2 – 7 Garry C

I don’t think either of us was in gear for our first match and a dreary, dismal 1-1 was the consequence. Si cried FOUL  when he lost a striker to injury but I still couldn’t make the most of it. Things, shaped up for me at least in the rematch, where an unusually comfortable 7-2 gave me the points, in a game where Si struggled to get a foothold in (no pun intended hehe) Full marks for even making it mate, on crutches and all, and some particularly impressive results, especially that 9-5 vs Jon G!!!

Jon G 3 – 3 Garry C
Garry C 1 – 7 Jon G

Felt my first match against Jon slipping away very early on but somehow dragged myself back into this one. The first half ended in controversy as the whistle blew a split second before the ball crossed the line with Fisher well beaten! ROBBERY! I channelled any indignation into a second half that included a rare but memorable Scott goal, hit low and swerved from the corner of the box, just inside the near post. 3-3! YES!!  No such luck in round #2 where this time Jon cemented the winning position he’d established with a victory that must have felt like a walk in the park.

Garry C 4 – 10 Steve E
Steve E 6 – 3 Garry C

Pure evil! That 4-10 match was nothing less. And I don’t think second round was any better. You were a man possessed when you took to the game last night and turned me and my goalkeeper into a zombie each time!  Seriously, though, your performances were on another level, and top spot was nothing less than you deserved mate.

Garry C 8 – 1 Robert S
Robert S 5 – 4 Garry C

Probably my loudest and most enjoyable games of the night were against Robert. Our first encounter has to be my result of the night and 8-1 trouncing must be my best head-to-head scoreline too. Things just went my way in this game and I just keep scoring, making it harder and harder for Robert to respond, until everything went in for me! Mr Swift’s focus returned in rematch and although I lead throughout 1-0, 2-1, 3-2 and 4-3, Rob’s resilience saw him capture the lead when it mattered most to seal a hardfought 5-4 in the final minute. Played Rob. Btw your attic attack raid of those lost amigas is most welcome and we’ll soon checkout what works and what doesn’t. Thanks mate.

John M 0 – 8 Garry C
Garry C 10 – 0 John M

John will readily tell you he’s less of a retro-gamer and more of a retro-technician but you’re every bit as welcome as anyone else mate.  Thinking about it, maybe you could view your gameplay as a system in need of repair, with the fault lying in the goal scoring circuits? Fix that and who knows. Very much appreciate your offer of hardware support John and like I said you’re very welcome to join us in November.

I was pleased to edge 4th league spot on goal difference but I was more happy to see the expressions of enjoyment and subsequent texts/calls I got about the fun we all had that evening. Cheers to everyone for making it so, and here’s to the next one!

Simon K  9 – 0  John M
John B  2 – 6  Robert S
Steve E  7 – 2  Jon G
John B  0 – 4  Garry C
Steve E  9 – 0  John M
Jon G  5 – 3  Robert S
Steve E  2 – 2  Simon K
Jon G  3 – 3  Garry C
Robert S  6 – 0  John M
Jon G  4 – 0  John B
Robert S  8 – 5  Simon K
John M  0 – 8  Garry C
Robert S  5 – 5  Steve E
John M  0 – 1  John B
Garry C  1 – 1  Simon K
John M  0 – 9  Jon G
Garry C  4 – 10 Steve E
Simon K  7 – 0  John B
Garry C  8 – 1  Robert S
Simon K  9 – 5  Jon G
John B  2 – 7  Steve E
John M  0 – 11 Simon K
Robert S  6 – 2  John B
Jon G  4 – 3  Steve E
Garry C  9 – 1  John B
John M  0 – 10 Steve E
Robert S  6 – 6  Jon G
Simon K  4 – 5  Steve E
Garry C  1 – 7  Jon G
John M  0 – 9  Robert S
John B  1 – 4  Jon G
Simon K  5 – 3  Robert S
Garry C 10 – 0  John M
Steve E  7 – 2  Robert S
John B  5 – 0  John M
Simon K  2 – 7  Garry C
Jon G 12 – 0  John M
Steve E  6 – 3  Garry C
John B  3 – 11 Simon K
Robert S  5 – 4  Garry C
Jon G  5 – 5  Simon K
Steve E  8 – 2  John B

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