Amid the madness that is midlands football right now, we had a topsy-turvy night of our own on tuesday night. Due to unavoidable delays we arrived late, we had some players that were time restricted later on, and although the evening as a whole was quieter than usual , we had more KO2 interest than ever! (work than one out?). And all this followed my early evening mini-eureka moment: p*(p-1))/8/a!

Once set up, we chilled for a bit. While we were away from the amiga stations other players helped themselves to a game or two, which is always good to see. The highlight for me though was meeting brothers Richard and Paul T. Both are KO2 players from back in the day and although they may not have touched the game in 20 years, their kick-offing past was evident. They played a number of friendlies with us, though didn’t have time for a complete tourney. Next time! My 4-4 draw with Paul was a thriller with more than one dubious goal! And watching the two brothers fight out their sibling rivalry was very funny indeed. First round to Paul, though anticipate Richard’s revenge is not far away! They’re both great guys who clearly have fun with their gaming and, by the time they had to leave, I felt like I’d known them for ages! I very much look forward to meeting up again and am thrilled that Richard is already registered for the World Cup!

Just as I was telling Evil how I felt the evening had a such good vibe, he invited me to play our match! “Are you trying to spoil my night?” I replied – only partly in jest! My evenings official matches were about to kick off…..

Garry C 3 - 6 Steve E
Simon K 1 - 2 Garry C
John M 0 - 5 Garry C
Garry C 4 - 1 Jon G

Like a pacman powerpill, Ste seemed restored to full strength after his hectic evening having minutes earlier nipped out for a kebab nearby. He was always one step ahead of me in this one – in fact he was punching the air before he’d even scored a goal! Must have been a premonition! The game was effectively over at half-time but a better second half performance gave me hope. I might have lost the match but my good vibe was still in tact. Just! Next up was Si and we had one of our worst games in HISTORY. We regularly have stalemate games but the standard in this one was very poor. The WBD’s best play was – as you might expect – in defence, stopping certain goals when his keeper was beaten, but his attack was a little below par, perhaps like his overall performance that night. One to write-off eh mate. Cheers for the lift at short notice tho mate, and your smart new motor has excellent tourney equipment storage capacity for the future!

John clocked up his third tourney tonight and hope this run continues. I am also grateful for the kit he brought along and was amazed to see, he’s modded A1200 includes a USB port! He might not thank me for saying this but he scored the most sublime lobbed own goal when playing me. Only a matter a time before they go in at the right end, I promise mate. My tourney concluded with an match against the UK Champ declaring he was about to thrash me! Jon was playing with incredible speed but his clinical finishing was missing. I took an early 1-0 lead and held on to it until something like the 6th or 7th minute when Jon equalised. I feared the floodgates could open but I managed not only to regain my lead but strengthen it too. An off-day for Jon maybe but I’m not complaining at only my second ever win in our 47 encounters.

Afterwards, Blues and Villa fans together, we talked about the hot footy topic right now. All of us were still struggling to come to terms with the unlikely events of the past week, and villa fan Jon even quipped that for Bluenoses the season has ended on some kind of high after all! Expectations may be lowering over at Villa Park but for the future of the 8-Bit Lounge our hopes remain as high as ever.

Jon G 8 - 0 John M
Simon K 2 - 4 Steve E
Simon K 1 - 2 Garry C
Steve E 5 - 0 John M
Steve E 3 - 2 Jon G
John M 0 - 5 Garry C
John M 0 - 7 Simon K
Garry C 4 - 1 Jon G
Garry C 3 - 6 Steve E
Jon G 4 - 1 Simon K

Evil Triumphs


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