Following a lightspeed return journey from the East Midlands we picked up supplies (an indian take-away and beers) and rested back at KOBRA basecamp. We’d had a good time at the RCM open day but now we needed to refuel before our third and final leg of our kick off weekend. Perfectly timed with our return home we met up with Simon and John M. And only a couple of hours earlier I’d received the text to confirm Jon G’s attendance, making a 7-man tourney.

Simon K 3 – 2 Garry C
What a slugfest! We brought the worst out of each other’s gameplay for this one, but Si wasn’t complaining when he got off to a winning start. CHEAP! I ridiculed my defensive howler that ultimately decided this very forgettable game! Nevertheless, it’s always the good teams that still manage to grind out victories when needed, so well played mate.

Garry C 1 – 3 Jon G
I took the lead, gave Jon a good battle here but couldn’t complain about the outcome. It had been quite a while since he’d last played but was impressed with his performances tonight. Only goal difference separated him from tonight’s title and he’s looking in good shape for next week’s UKCs.

Garry C 6 – 3 Frank F
I could tell Frank really wanted victory here but it wasn’t to be. At the death of a very even first half, I remember the HT whistle blowing just when Frank was clear through, denying him a certain goal. That was tough. A purple patch for me after the break was enough for me to seal victory. On top of this there were suggestions Frank’s joystick was on the blink too. I can appreciate Frank’s frustration when your efforts aren’t always rewarded. I am sure most of us have experienced this at one time or another, even if the joystick doesn’t always grow wings! I believe this happened against Jon G as well as me. Still, like your joystick off the window (!!), I’m sure you’ll bounce back. KO2 gives us so much fun so don’t be too harsh on yourself Frank for what I know you’ll consider as disappointing results. This doesn’t alter the fact that you are still a very good player.

Garry C 6 – 0 John M
This is only the second time i’ve met John and he’s a real nice and thoughtful guy and enjoyed a bit more of a chat this time. I so admire your approach to KO2, even joking in our game when you conceed an own goal, that at least you’d scored yourself now! I hope you become a regular as I’m sure you’ll pick up the necessary tips to create your own sweet moments. Thanks again for bringing the equipment too.

Thorsten B 2 – 5 Garry C
Thorsten was having an great evening with drawers against Frank and Simon. He rightly said afterward this was his best performance against me all weekend. Despite going 0-3 behind, Mr JAWOHL fought back to 2-3 and still had plenty in the tank. I hung on and a late brace hid the fact that this was an extremely close one. We chatted afterwards and I’d said my KO2 is often like a rolloercoaster. Last night’s tournament win was obvioiusly a high point for me but I know all too well how quickly it can change. Thorsten seemed to doubt me and questioned my experience of being behind by 5 goals at HT, thinking I was too good for that now….

Steve E 10 – 3 Garry C
… and guess the score after the first half? Yep, 5-0!!!  Unspeakable and unstoppable Evil is all I can say. I wasn’t playing that badly, and I had chances to keep the scoreline tight but it wasn’t happening for me. I think even Steve would agree that it was “one of them” games for him where everything came off. Recognising this, I accepted the result quite easily as simply “one to write-off”. That said, I must say hats off to Steve on another deserved title. After our match I had the same feeling that I had after our UKC’s fixture last year and we all know what happened next…

We had originally planned to play a second round and although the guys were pulling my leg about quitting after my double-digit drumming (I know how it looked too!) it was for different reasons. Taking everyone’s view into account, the time, the long day, it was the right move. Instead, we all chilled with some more beers, listened to music and chatted and played a few more JFFs (cracking banter-filled one against Si). I particularly enjoyed the KO2 conversation with Frank and Thorsten about who has it toughest (the lesser players that lose most their games vs the better players who are expected to win most of theirs), the ingredients of a good player (reflexes vs knowledge), and the merits of the game of shame. It was getting late by this stage and time to hit the sack….

Next morning started s-l-o-w-ly and it was a good job we’d rearranged part III to last night. We surely would not have had time for it on the morning, given we had to head to the airport before midday. We did have time for a full-english breakfast though, and during this Wendy expressed her affinity with Thorsten’s passionate cries of JAWOLH! The meal was just what the doctor ordered and helped me at least to feel a little more human. Si then dropped by for a coffee, and joined in the conversation on second languages that ranged from George Bush Jnr to Trapottoni!  The weekend had gone all too fast but it was time to say our goodbyes.

It was an fun, eventful and a pleasure having you to stay with us fellas, and I’ll remember the laughs for a long time to come. Until next time!

Full Results:

Thorsten B  0 – 5  Steve E
John M  0 – 10 Jon G
Simon K  3 – 2  Garry C
John M  0 – 6  Frank F
Simon K  3 – 5  Steve E
Garry C  1 – 3  Jon G
Simon K  2 – 2  Thorsten B
Garry C  6 – 3  Frank F
Jon G  3 – 6  Steve E
Garry C  6 – 0  John M
Jon G  7 – 0  Thorsten B
Steve E  3 – 5  Frank F
Jon G  6 – 1  Simon K
Steve E 10 – 0  John M
Frank F  2 – 2  Thorsten B
Steve E 10 – 3  Garry C
Frank F  0 – 2  Simon K
Thorsten B  5 – 0  John M
Frank F  4 – 6  Jon G
Thorsten B  2 – 5  Garry C
John M  0 – 6  Simon K



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