Inspired by the technological advances made in Dusseldorf, it was time KOBRA went live… bringing our retrogaming right up to date with some ustream broadcasting……

1. Simon K
2. Steve E
3. Jon G
4. Robert S
5. Garry C
6. Graham S

Feels a little old skool to write a report with all the recent advances but old habits die hard…

I think it’s fair to say that for those of us there, this tourney will live long in the memory! The simultaneous live capture/broadcast of games together with the chatroom interactivity gave a sense of magic in the air. In reality of course we were walking in the footsteps of the great Camberman, but we felt like we were making KOA history!!!

Gra arrived first bringing unexpectingly but helpfully extra gear and helped set up the amiga stations, plus a spare tv for the England v France friendly (mistake!). Soon after Steve Spielberg arrived to really get the show on the road. And then Si gave hitchhiker Swift (after parking) a ride for the last leg of his journey! Sadly Jon contacted us late on to say he had to pull out but we hope to see you next time mate.

Groundbreaking or not, you could sense the anticipation of KOBRA going GLOBAL!  As a bit of fun and a kind a replacement for a team photo, we “attempted” a team video in the form of a KOBRA.tv launch. It was funny at the time as they say and we were in stitches, setting the tone for the whole evening.

To add the televised feel we had planned some pre-match interviews with players (next time!) but it was already time for the kick off…

Round #1
Garry C 4 – 3 Simon K
Garry C 5 – 2 Robert S
Steve E 3 – 4 Garry C
Graham S 1 – 3 Garry C

Despite feeling like I didn’t have my eye on the ball with all the extra-tournament activity, the first round gave me the perfect start even if they were achieved by less than perfect performances. Like tossing a coin and calling it right time after time, I had luck on my side – and I was loving it!  Against Si I regained a one-goal lead every time he levelled and thanks to his ‘double-post shot’  held on tight to this opening victory. Phew! I was playing solidly but not exceptionally though Robert just didn’t get the breaks his play deserved. This was just enough for me to squeeze home a victory over the WC#10!!! I was getting the taste for winning but Evil was next. Riding my luck once more, it was 3-3 when I converted a corner at the very death, not ever allowing time for a restart. Looking at the table, you might think Gra was a pushover – FAR from it. Another absolute nail bitter for me which might have been very different had he failed to slot home with an open goal begging. That would have made it 2-2 but from the resultant goal kick I went up the other end to make it 3-1 and another 3 points. Fine lines indeed.

Timed to perfection, along came the pizzas at the half-way stage. Couldn’t really tell the difference between the two supposedly differnt flavours but they tasted good, especially when you’re top of the league! Four big slices went down almost as nicely as my big four victories! hehe

Round #2
Simon K 2 – 0 Garry C
Robert S 3 – 7 Garry C
Garry C 6 – 5 Graham S
Garry C 5 – 7 Steve E

Round two started with my game of shame. I was terrible though Si agreed he wasn’t much better but at least he scored, more than I could mange in this forgettable encounter. “You can delete that recording”, Si called out as the whistle blew. Robert was ready for our rematch and, sensing my vulnerability, wanted revenge. He matter-of-factly announced immediately before the game that victory was his! Another tight game ensued but I found another gear in the second half and converted chances effortlessly to seal an emphatic and first ever double, making amends for his WC day 2 double over me! A quick look on KOASI shows these were only my 4th and 5th victories over Rob in 37 encounters! Playing the fixtures in the right order, I next met Gra in an absolute thriller. I knew I had to win this to give myself a shout of the title, and leading 5-2 in the second half I thought it was in the bag. Sutty struck back though and you were unlucky once again and deserved more than this 5-6 defeat, as you did from the whole night.

So here we were… having been top of the league pretty much all night, with our game left to play, I had a precarious 3 point lead but an inferior goal difference over Evil. I had one hand on the trophy but make no mistake the better player won the match and took the title on goal f***ing difference. Played mate! I feared I could get flattened in that finale, but I was pleased at least to keep myself in the game, never more than a couple of goals behind.

So close yet so far, I was still inside my moment of defeat, when Robert relayed Bbob’s congratulations to Steve. “Cheers Mark” the champ replied. After a short pause my not-so-discrete “F** off, Mark” just came out!!! Realising I had been ‘caught on camera’ we burst into hysterics! Seconds later the internet chat displayed “I can hear you, you slags” before later departing with something like “Seeya fellas. I’m f***ing off now!” Classic KOA moments!!

All that was left to do was to award Steve with his petrol bomb trophy, as Rob put it! We ended the night just as it had began, all in stitches. The laughs/goals ratio was certainly one of the highest I’ve ever known. Thanks especially to Robert and Graham for travelling the longer distances, to Mr Spielberg for his technical experties, and to everyone for going with the flow of this new trend of LIVE tourneys. I must admit I wasn’t sure how it would all go. I was slightly concerned we could become too self-conscious and it could even inhibit the fun. Not in the slightest! If anything, the opposite was true, and it honestly could not had gone any better! If you’re thinking of broadcasting your tourney antics, just do it! I’m already looking forward to being in the KOA internet terraces next time….


         Steve E  5 – 3  Graham S
         Garry C  4 – 3  Simon K
         Garry C  5 – 2  Robert S
         Simon K  4 – 1  Graham S
         Simon K  4 – 7  Steve E
        Graham S  2 – 4  Robert S
        Graham S  1 – 3  Garry C
        Robert S  4 – 0  Steve E
        Robert S  3 – 2  Simon K
         Steve E  3 – 4  Garry C
        Graham S  1 – 7  Steve E
         Simon K  2 – 0  Garry C
        Robert S  3 – 7  Garry C
        Graham S  4 – 5  Simon K
         Steve E  7 – 1  Simon K
        Robert S  7 – 2  Graham S
         Garry C  6 – 5  Graham S
         Steve E  5 – 3  Robert S
         Simon K  7 – 3  Robert S
         Garry C  5 – 7  Steve E



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