2010 marked our THIRD UKC organised in the space of TWO years, between May 08 and May 10!!!! We must have been nuts! We’d had great fun doing it though of course and this is the perfect ending to that trilogy. If UKC’08 was ‘Score Wars’, then UKC ’09 was ‘Return of the Greenaway’ making UKC ’10 ‘Evil Strikes Back!’

Steve Sm 0 – 9 Garry C
Robert S 2 – 1 Garry C
Garry C 0 – 4 Jon G
Newcomers are always welcome at the KOA and it was a pleasure to meet Steve S in my first match of the day. I know now what the ‘S’ stands for – ‘Slide’. This guy is slide crazy and clearly enjoyed taking down my players!!!! I bet with all the injury time, you played more kick off than anybody else! First tourney are always though but I admired your spirit despite the defeats, including making light of things, joking that your goals scored had wrongly been displayed in the conceeded figure (101)! Hope to see you at another tourney sometime. Likewise you mate, Colin, who was a great sport to act as super-sub in the Bronze Cup semi-final!

From newcomer to serious KOA old guard, Robert Swift! After taking an early lead, I rode my luck big time in this game, with 4 or 5 of Robert’s seemingly goalbound efforts striking the woodwork and going to safety. Inevitably Robert’s equiliser came and late on, an equisite through ball found his front man in the 6-yard box for a swift trap-and-move finish. I had chances myself in this game but Robert’s defence lacked no sharpness and some excellent blocks prevented a goal or two from me. I’d been close to more but at least I took some satisfaction from this defeat. Played Rob. Whether you travel 200 or 4,000 miles you once again proved to be the undisputed UKC #3!

Like a serial killer looking for his next victim, Jon asked if I wanted to play next!  With a quiet determination I agreed and this was quite an unusual encounter. After Jon took an early 1-0 lead the score remained the same until about 7th minute. I felt I was defending well and, when called upon, my keeper stood tall to Jon’s diagonal lobs from the corner of the box. I knew there was vague chance of snatching a draw here, but the few chances I created, I just couldn’t convert. Jon even agreed afterwards that the next person to score would probably go on to win the game. Jon of course got it and in fact scored 3 in a minute to slightly disguise a very tight game.

Andy H 1 – 5 Garry C
Mark W 5 – 3 Garry C
Garry C 4 – 0 Andy E
Graham S 0 – 7 Garry C
Garry C 3 – 0 Grant N

Anybody called Andy always give me a tough game so I was very wary for this against Andy H but a couple of early goals set me on my way for a unusually and relatively comfortable 3 points. One memory of this game was when I called out at one of Andy’s fouls, he replied ‘I win most of my matches in fouls’ You’re always good company and was a very entertaining Bronze Cup Champion. Well played!

I’m also wary of playing anyone called Durban tbh! The most humble of players but he has plenty in his KO2 locker. An even match appeared to be going my way, with me leading 3-1 at HT. Mark, however, produced a second half display of excellent finishing to deservedly take the points. Characteristically he called it a ‘tale of two keepers’ but your 7th place finish proved it was no fluke. Well done on an excellent tourney, defying the predictions from the Stats Analyser!!!

Feeling humbled my next encounter was Andy E in a mid-table battle. With a slender 1-0 lead, it remained an open game when controversy struck!!! Andy appear to score in off the bar but the Ref missed it??? I’m hoping this one is recorded on Camber’s Sky Sports KO2 to get a second opinion. Fortunately for me I went on to score 4 goals, so hopefully accusations of bribes and match-fixing will soon subside!  I remember witnessing your painful defeat to you arch-rival Andy H but pleased to see you victorious on the big screen Silver Cup Final!

Every one's a winner!

Every one’s a winner!

The KODfather is not one to mess with either, and I think he pointed out the outcome of this game could cause us to switch league positions! Gra created several good openings but somehow couldn’t quite finish them off. Let off the hook, I managed to put my chances to bed and seal and untypical 7-0 scoreline. Know Gra wasn’t 100% fit for this encounter but always fun to be around whatever the result. Good to see you reach the Silver Cup Final and maybe next year you’ll go one better.

My game against Grant was certainly one of two halves. I’m so glad I’d carved out a 3-0 HT lead because Grant must have had one hell of a team talk because second half he attacked with some serious intent! :eeko: Not just squeaky bum time this was squeaky joystick time too!  Throughout the game I was impressed with your ‘trap-tackling’ technique, making you an increasingly difficult opponent. Progess made!

Garry C 4 – 3 Simon K
Garry C 1 – 7 Steve E
Garry C 8 – 4 Mandhir S
Steve C 5 – 5 Garry C

Si was having an outstanding tourney but I was up for this game, and was helped when my first goal attempt, a- corner-of-the-box, diagonal lob flew in. Think I was always in front in this, though Si was never far behind. This doesn’t take anything away from Si’s fab 4th spot in the league and he’d also held all top three players to a draw!!! Well done matey!

If Si’s was good, Ste’s tourney was out-of-this-world! One things for sure this game was out of Nightmare on Elm Street for me. After taking the lead, I succumb to a hat-trick of horror goals.  I coudn’t see beyond the red mist and, forgetting Zappa was the ref, I then foolishly had Barber red-carded for a foul committed out of frustration. The better player won but this was a defeat that left an evil aftertaste.

Nevertheless I don’t want to take anything away from Steve’s awesome achievement. You’ve been there and there abouts for a while now and after all you’ve done for the KOA generally and in particular to help organise the last three UK Championships, it couldn’t go to a more deserving player. Well played Champ!  I can’t wait to try to beat the UK’s #!!

And he did it with his eyes closed (almost!)

And he did it with his eyes closed (almost!)

I felt like I was playing the computer against Sid. I looked to my right and there was nobody there! ‘He’s behind you’ somebody called and he was! Either Sid’s long sighted or I’m short-sighted???? This was my penultimate match and I can’t remember much other than this result went my way to cement 6th place. One thing I do remember from one of Sid’s others games was when he called out to the room during one of this others games, ‘I’ve just scored an own goal, and my keeper did it!!!’

My match against Steve C was not only our last game but the very last game of the tournament but it was worth waiting for! Si had asked me for a favour before the game to avoid Steve leap-frogging him into 4th place but I wanted to do myself a favour first!  I got an early goal, KO routine I think, and then lead the game until the 8th or 9th minute when Steve equilised 4-4 and then stole a lead 5-4 himself but with less than 10 seconds on the clock I won a top right corner. ‘Go on, do your special’ Camberman joked and I did, which I think on balance was probably a fair result, even if Si probably the happiest of all three of us! Win, draw or lose against Mr C, you’re good fun to play against and was a fantastic help one more with the UKCs, not least with your excellent stash of hardware. Cheers mate.

Overall then I was pleased with my performance. I was seeded 6th and before hand I’d said I’d be more than happy to take 6th spot and that’s just what I did. I didn’t pull up any trees nor get clobbered by any low lying branches either. And to think that just one more victory could have pushed me to the heady heights of 4th gives me something to play for next year!


Steve E  5 – 1  Graham S
Grant N  0 – 5  Simon K
Steve Sm  0 – 9  Garry C
Steve C  5 – 1  Andy E
Mandhir S  2 – 1  Andy H
Mark W  2 – 6  Jon G
Grant N  0 – 7  Steve E
Steve Sm  0 – 11 Graham S
Steve C  5 – 5  Garry C
Mandhir S  1 – 4  Robert S
Mark W  2 – 2  Andy E
Jon G  9 – 0  Andy H
Steve E 18 – 0  Steve Sm
Steve C  5 – 5  Graham S
Mandhir S  1 – 3  Simon K
Mark W  5 – 3  Garry C
Jon G  4 – 5  Robert S
Andy H  1 – 2  Andy E
Steve C 10 – 0  Steve Sm
Mandhir S  3 – 0  Grant N
Mark W  5 – 3  Graham S
Jon G  7 – 7  Simon K
Andy H  1 – 5  Garry C
Andy E  2 – 2  Robert S
Steve E  8 – 2  Steve C
Mark W  1 – 0  Steve Sm
Jon G  5 – 1  Grant N
Andy H  1 – 5  Graham S
Andy E  1 – 5  Simon K
Robert S  2 – 1  Garry C
Mandhir S  1 – 10 Steve E
Mark W  2 – 3  Steve C
Andy H  7 – 0  Steve Sm
Andy E  8 – 2  Grant N
Robert S  5 – 1  Graham S
Garry C  4 – 3  Simon K
Steve E 11 – 2  Mark W
Jon G  7 – 2  Mandhir S
Andy H  1 – 3  Steve C
Robert S 12 – 0  Steve Sm
Garry C  3 – 0  Grant N
Simon K  8 – 1  Graham S
Jon G  5 – 5  Steve E
Andy H  0 – 2  Mark W
Andy E  2 – 3  Mandhir S
Robert S  4 – 2  Steve C
Simon K  8 – 0  Steve Sm
Graham S  7 – 1  Grant N
Steve E  5 – 3  Andy H
Andy E  3 – 6  Jon G
Robert S  9 – 2  Mark W
Garry C  8 – 4  Mandhir S
Simon K  2 – 6  Steve C
Grant N  2 – 0  Steve Sm
Andy E  2 – 10 Steve E
Robert S  7 – 0  Andy H
Garry C  0 – 4  Jon G
Simon K  6 – 0  Mark W
Graham S  4 – 3  Mandhir S
Grant N  0 – 7  Steve C
Steve E  8 – 4  Robert S
Garry C  4 – 0  Andy E
Simon K  4 – 2  Andy H
Graham S  3 – 7  Jon G
Grant N  0 – 2  Mark W
Steve Sm  0 – 9  Mandhir S
Garry C  1 – 7  Steve E
Simon K  4 – 4  Robert S
Graham S  1 – 1  Andy E
Grant N  2 – 3  Andy H
Steve Sm  0 – 10 Jon G
Steve C  5 – 1  Mandhir S
Steve E  3 – 3  Simon K
Graham S  0 – 7  Garry C
Grant N  1 – 6  Robert S
Steve Sm  1 – 4  Andy E
Steve C  6 – 7  Jon G
Mandhir S  2 – 1  Mark W






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