Friday’s KOBRAs might have been the starter, but saturday was always going to be the main course we were looking forward to!

If you want to inject a barrel load of fun into your KO2, have yourself a drinking tourney! Our inspiration for this was Volker’s ground-breaking Longfield X. Probably best to limit these events to special occasions mind but definately recommended!!

Ste, Si and I had talked about this for weeks and came up with a set of drinking rules. The idea behind them was to try to keep things as tight as possible. If a player went ahead by three goals, they had to then play with Blitz until the deficit was reduced to one. If a player lead by 3 goals at HT or FT, they would face a drinking forfeit! In the event of a drawn game, EVERYONE had to take another drink!!! Having Screech as Ref increased the likelihood of red cards and penalties which also meant an instant forfeit!!! We played with just one amiga station and the two ‘watchers’ tossed a coin to choose which player they’d support. If ‘your’ player lost you also had to face a forfeit!! Basically win, lose or draw, you pretty much faced another drink!

Everyone was engaged with the action and regular KO2 incidents suddenly had extra significance. A combination of the rules and the alcohol heightened the atmosphere dramatically! One second you’d be cheering your player on, the next jeering the opposition when he had to face a drinking forfeit! Usually we’d take any goal we could but suddenly a scummy goal (through the post, didn’t cross the line or Fisher fumble) wasn’t so desirable!

In hosting this tourney, Steve had done a magnificent job in shopping for the booze and crisps, nuts and snacks. We had all contributed of course but it was Steve that was actually making this happen, and putting us up for the night too. Thanks a million for all of this mate. I’ll never forget this one, even if I can’t remember all of the details (if you know what I mean)!!!  It felt like we were in a KOA Pub, with both KO2 and alcohol on tap in equal measure!!!!

Thinking about it, before the tournament itself we started off with a free-kick challenge. Using KO2CV we set up a position for a freekick which we all then used for a best-of-five competition. Volker managed an amazing 3 out of 5, both Si and Ste 1. It was my turn and it wasn’t going well having missed my first four and I seemed to be shooting further and further away from the goal! Nevertheless my final free-kick somehow smashed the back of the net. TAKE DOWN!  Everyone except Volker had to face the first forfeit. The only three glasses we could find were slightly oversized but we took the vodka plunge anyway, even if they were at least trebles! Foul as it tasted, it got this tourney started alright, and warmed us up from the inside out!

We agreed a x2 tourney (don’t think we’d have lasted anymore), but I can’t remember any of the matches tbh, only fragments of them. I can recall playing Steve and one moment that would have made Waynie proud. The night had a feeling of fun and anything goes, and that’s my excuse for doing what I did. Maybe the Vodka, Baileys and Lager had something to do with it too.  Anyway, Steve slide in my box and without even thinking I ‘dived’ my player over him. Not only did I get a penalty (which I converted; if I’d have missed I’d have had a forfeit) but Steve received a red card too! SORRY MATE BUT DOUBLE DRINKIES FOR STEVE!!!  I don’t think this happened again all tourney although others made several attempts. As the evening wore on and my judgement became less true, I suffered my own share of accidental fouls, penalties and red cards too.

I also remember my first goal against Si that night and a 45′ diagonal from the top left which went straight through the post! Nooooo! Somebody fill it and give me my glass…..

Big credit must go to Volker for entering into the spirit of things so enthusiastically, even though he’d felt unwell during the day. It made me laugh when on the following morning, Volker said he’d felt the best he had all weekend!!!!

Think we started around 8pm but didn’t conclude until 2am. Not sure where the time went but it flew! I remember going in the kitchen at one point and being completely incapable of finding the fridge. Thanks Donna for helping me out. Thanks too for taking some snaps during the night too. These proved invaluable because perhaps predictably for a tourney of this kind we lost the results!!!! Actually we didn’t lose them, we just assumed the fixtures program was saving them automatically, but it was an earlier version of the software that didn’t. Thankfully though, one of the snaps was of the league/results so we were able to work it all out the next day. Phew!

To try to disrupt repetitive finishing, the three-goals-of-the-same-type forfeit became a lively discussion at times! Were two goals of the same type or not, that was the question! Si, sometimes forgetting things for a moment, would go on a goal spree, face a HT forfeit and then have to play with blitz for the remainder of the game, but somehow he made it work??? Si deservedly proved to be the night’s champion in more ways than one. Not only did he top the KOOHL league but he incurred the most drinking penalties also. Now that’s what I call doing the DOUBLE!

Me and Si continued playing until 3am still trying to get one over the other but then we had to call it a night. When I managed to find my mattress, I couldn’t locate a pillow. It was until the next day I realised the soft thing I’d grabbed was in fact the cat bed!!!! Anyway, this’ll definitely be one of those tourneys we’ll be talking about for quite a while, if only to help each other remember what happened!!!! Cheers again fellas and especially Steve and Donna for a top night.

Steve E,2,Volker B,4,
Garry C,5,Simon K,3,
Garry C,8,Steve E,6,
Simon K,7,Volker B,0,
Steve E,3,Simon K,6,
Volker B,2,Garry C,4,
Volker B,3,Steve E,3,
Simon K,4,Garry C,2,
Steve E,4,Garry C,4,
Volker B,3,Simon K,4,
Simon K,4,Steve E,2,
Garry C,3,Volker B,4,

vodka table



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