BIG congratulations to Jon G on a formidable and 100% winning performance to prove his worth as UK Champion 2009 and Gold Cup Champion. A superb and richly deserved silver medal for Steve E, and Robert proved his class once more to take third place for the second year running. Pleased for Sid too to take the Silver Cup in a particularly exciting big screen final!


The calm before the KO2 storm!

The calm before the KO2 storm!

Still taking it all in but a hugely enjoyable day. but while the memories are still fresh, here’s my  tourney report…..

Ren A,0,Garry C,6,
My UKC kicked off against debutant Ren. I imagine like most of us your first tourney is a bitter-sweet experience (ukc’06 was for me)/ The thrill of playing the great game tempered by the often relentless defeats. To his credit, it seemed that Ren took his defeats on the chin and with an impressively laid back attitude. I hope you find motivation in the losses and this is just the beginning! You’d be welcome here at the KOA. I hear btw your sole league goal amazingly came from a free-kick and you were so close to your first KOA point, were it not for a injury time winner for your opponent.

Steve E,5,Garry C,2,
I felt like a mere rung on Steve’s ladder to better things in this tie! There was a focus about Steve’s play evident from his first measure-measure-measure picking the spot for his first shot which unsurprisingly smashed against the back of the net. Even though I hoped to see you take the title, I nevertheless wanted to beat you in this fixture! Try as I might, I never really troubled you – unfortunately for me! Hope you’re enjoying the enormity of your achievement; UKC 2009 runner-up and Gold Cup Finalist is some way to go!

Jon G,7,Garry C,0,
This’ll sound like a complete contradiction but but I’d like to think this was a hard fought 7-0 victory!  I was trailing only something like 0-2 at HT and creating some chances but each time failing to convert them. Jon’s unrelenting precision wingplay ultimately brought rewards through quality diagonal and cross goal finishing. Like you said, if there was any doubt cast over your goal difference clinching title last year, this time your champion status is unequivocal! You set the bar even higher for all those that wish you challenge you.  Well played my KOBRA friend.

The Kick Off battlelines...(Andy E v Grant N, Ren S v Robert S, Jon G v Steve C)

The Kick Off battlelines…(Andy E v Grant N, Ren S v Robert S, Jon G v Steve C)

Andy G,7,Garry C,3,
In an uncanny echo of our London International encounter, I again established a comfortable position only to capitulate in the second half. I was 3-0 and seemingly on top and still felt confident when Andy got a goal back. I then conceeded two cheap goals (defender failed to clear the ball; and being dispossessed from a keeper throw-out) before Andy showed some real quality in really punishing me 7-3. I admire your deliberate approach play, clinical finishing and know there’s even more to come from you yet. On top of that, your enthusiasm for the great game and the UKCs enthuses me too!

Garry C,6,Graham S,3,
Graham’s KO2 reminds me of myself. He’s definitely got goals in his locker but like me is sometimes guilty of letting games slip. At HT I was 1-3 down and I knew I had a fight on my hands. I took something from my defeat against Andy G into this match, thinking how matches can be turned on their head. Two quick second half goals steadied my ship thankfully and put me on course to win a battle of a game. It’s always ‘interesting’ to play you ’cause its never easy mate!

Garry C,7,Grant N,1,
I was taking no chances against Grant then who kidded it was harsh of me to score so early! Prior to the tourney I remember you saying on the forum that your mission today was to avoid the wooden spoon and really pleased that you did so claiming both a victory and a draw in the process! This is exactly how most of us start and I’ve no doubt further improvement is just around the corner. Hopefully see you at the next KOBRA/KOOHL event.

The best of friends

The best of friends

The best of enemies!

The best of enemies!

Garry C,7,Mandhir S,0,
My comments about my match against Jon G could equally apply to Sid in this match. He started on fire, peppering my goal with shots and he would have taken the lead had it not been for the woodwork and some Fisher heroics. By contrast when I managed to attack my shots just seem to be going in and this pattern continued to give a very flattering scoreline. Glad to see that you bounced back later in the league and cup. You took Martin’s scalp in the league before becoming the Silver Cup Champion! I told you could do it mate!!!

Robert S,5,Garry C,4,
Robert plays an intelligent game, is both cultured but doesn’t shy away from the dirty work of KO lobbing either. It seems to me that he often begins with 532, carves out a lead before cementing the victory with some LOCKOUT based attacking. It certainly worked against me but I was pleased at least to give him some kind of run for his money with a series of late goals that closed the gap. Well played Rob is taking the bronze once more – another solid quality performance.

Martin B,4,Garry C,2,
This was an enjoyably tight encounter. As with Rob I knew I had to be at my best to have any chance against Martin. He may not be the most active of KO2 players but his class is undeniable. Always in the lead in this match, I managed to level 1-1 and 2-2, though my second equiliser came about because of a keeper spill. Martin’s annoyance at this Fisher f**K-up lead to some joystick slamming for which a replacement was immediately needed!!!  I sensed a chance of an upset but despite hitting the post twice could not exploit the moment. Martin regained his composure soon enough though to secure a victory but I still enjoyed this fighting defeat! Well played mate on a fantastic 4th spot in the league too.


Silver Cup Champion Sid and runner up Andy… true KOA sportsmanship

Garry C,2,Steve C,6,
I felt unusually confident that I had a chance in this because I’d beaten Mr Camber in the Gold Cup QF but this was Steve’s revenge! Scoring from all manner of angles and positions, there was no stopping him. No argument – the 3 points were his this time. Whether winning or losing, playing Steve is a pleasure to play against and love your obvious enjoyment of KO2 and all its mad and funny moments! So glad you made it despite the worklife/homelife juggling that I know is involved. Tell your daughter Abigail she is a little star. I was really impressed how she got on with the day despite being surrounded by a bunch of KO2 nuts! And tell her if she comes to another such tourney I’ll definitely invite my youngest Ellie – I’m sure the two of them would be great company for each other.

Garry C,2,Andy H,1,
This match was squeaky bum time and scariest victory of the day, that’s for sure.  After a tight opening I managed a precarious 1-0 lead which remained in the balance for a large portion of the game. I made it 2-0 second half only for you to strike back and crank up the tension once more. Of all my 13 matches, I was probably most relieved to hear the final whistle in this one. Its gets harder every time against you Andy and I’m absolutely dreading our next encounter!

Garry C,4,Simon K,3,
My pen-ultimate game against my sparring partner from yesteryear. Neither of us wanted to lose this one!  First blood to Si who converted a free-kick (Sh*t, it’s gonna be one of those, I thought to myself). In spite of this I had a lively first half and felt I was playing well but the half still ended 2-2 or something like this. Feeling ‘up’ for this one I managed to just edge in front 4-3 with about two minutes to go. Si wasn’t giving up but thankfully my defence and my keeper in particular clung on tightly to a precious three points. Arguably this was a hollow victory however since Si still finished in 7th spot (one place above me) in the league, impressively taking the scalps of Steve E, Andy G and drawing with Steve C. Your excellent form continues in your best UKC yet (b*st*rd!)

Andy E,2,Garry C,5,
At the tired end of the tournament, what an entertaining final game this was! What is it with the name Andy but every Andy I play gives me trouble! I happened to see your match imediately before this one where you lead against and gave Steve E a real headache so I knew I was in for a challenge. Although I think I was in front for much of this match, the margins were always narrow. I remember some killer defending from both sides, with blocks and trapping the ball to stop otherwise certain goals. A great and even match in which I only managed to push ahead with decisive goals late on, but not sure its good for the heart!

Overall then I was really pleased with my performances, which I felt had a greater consistency to them for once. I was less like a rollercoaster and more like a bumper-car!  I felt sturdier and won matches I’d hoped to (but not presumed to). With an 8th spot finish, I managed to bump off all 6 players below me in the league but 6 of the 7 players above me (Simon K was my biggest league scalp!) all stopped me in my tracks. Like Robert said there was a good spirit about yesterday’s UKCs and I felt a shared feeling that together we can all keep these events going! Hope so.

100% Champion, Jon G

100% Champion, Jon G

The UKC Class of 2009!

The UKC Class of 2009!


    Ren A,0,Garry C,6,
    Simon K,1,Robert S,5,
    Steve E,8,Mandhir S,1,
    Graham S,2,Jon G,12,
    Andy G,5,Grant N,0,
    Steve C,5,Andy E,0,
    Martin B,9,Andy H,1,
    Simon K,8,Ren A,0,
    Steve E,5,Garry C,2,
    Graham S,1,Robert S,4,
    Andy G,5,Mandhir S,4,
    Steve C,4,Jon G,7,
    Martin B,6,Grant N,0,
    Andy H,0,Andy E,3,
    Ren A,0,Steve E,11,
    Graham S,1,Simon K,5,
    Andy G,7,Garry C,3,
    Steve C,2,Robert S,5,
    Martin B,3,Mandhir S,4,
    Andy H,2,Jon G,5,
    Andy E,5,Grant N,0,
    Graham S,5,Ren A,0,
    Andy G,2,Steve E,8,
    Steve C,2,Simon K,2,
    Martin B,4,Garry C,2,
    Andy H,1,Robert S,3,
    Andy E,2,Mandhir S,2,
    Grant N,0,Jon G,10,
    Ren A,0,Andy G,4,
    Steve C,5,Graham S,1,
    Martin B,3,Steve E,3,
    Andy H,3,Simon K,4,
    Andy E,2,Garry C,5,
    Grant N,0,Robert S,9,
    Jon G,8,Mandhir S,5,
    Steve C,12,Ren A,0,
    Martin B,3,Andy G,5,
    Andy H,4,Graham S,5,
    Andy E,2,Steve E,4,
    Grant N,0,Simon K,6,
    Jon G,7,Garry C,0,
    Mandhir S,2,Robert S,11,
    Ren A,0,Martin B,6,
    Andy H,2,Steve C,5,
    Andy E,1,Andy G,5,
    Grant N,1,Graham S,4,
    Jon G,9,Steve E,3,
    Mandhir S,3,Simon K,3,
    Robert S,5,Garry C,4,
    Andy H,6,Ren A,0,
    Andy E,0,Martin B,5,
    Grant N,0,Steve C,8,
    Jon G,5,Andy G,2,
    Mandhir S,4,Graham S,3,
    Robert S,1,Steve E,5,
    Garry C,4,Simon K,3,
    Ren A,0,Andy E,7,
    Grant N,1,Andy H,1,
    Jon G,8,Martin B,4,
    Mandhir S,2,Steve C,6,
    Robert S,4,Andy G,3,
    Garry C,6,Graham S,3,
    Simon K,7,Steve E,3,
    Grant N,2,Ren A,1,
    Jon G,3,Andy E,0,
    Mandhir S,1,Andy H,1,
    Robert S,4,Martin B,4,
    Garry C,2,Steve C,6,
    Simon K,4,Andy G,2,
    Steve E,10,Graham S,3,
    Ren A,0,Jon G,12,
    Mandhir S,3,Grant N,0,
    Robert S,3,Andy E,2,
    Garry C,2,Andy H,1,
    Simon K,2,Martin B,4,
    Steve E,10,Steve C,2,
    Graham S,0,Andy G,5,
    Mandhir S,7,Ren A,0,
    Robert S,3,Jon G,5,
    Garry C,7,Grant N,1,
    Simon K,5,Andy E,2,
    Steve E,6,Andy H,0,
    Graham S,3,Martin B,5,
    Andy G,6,Steve C,7,
    Ren A,0,Robert S,7,
    Garry C,7,Mandhir S,0,
    Simon K,3,Jon G,4,
    Steve E,6,Grant N,2,
    Graham S,1,Andy E,2,
    Andy G,6,Andy H,1,
    Steve C,6,Martin B,7,



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