My enthusiasm for all things KO2 may have dipped recently but it was never in danger of dying completely. Just as the passion for the great game runs deep in many of us around here, so it is still very much alive in me. Time to move on, time to look forward, time for KOBRA!


Jon G 4 – 1 Garry C
Garry C 2 – 5 Jon G
The fixture list allowed me to watch the opening matches before facing the mighty Jon, UK Champion and 5-times KOBRA champion. This being his first KO2 action since the Luton International, he was still warming up but nevertheless on top. I was only 0-2 down at half-time though and after coming back to 1-2 in the second half I carved out a great 1v1 trap and move opportunity…. but the keeper saved it!  My chance was gone and also immediately afterwards Jon scored again to deservedly seal all three points. In our second round match things were very different with Jon scoring clinically and something like 4-0 up with little over two minutes on the clock. I managed to stem the flow in the second half and even score a couple but this result was never in doubt.

Steve E 1 – 2 Garry C
Garry C 3 – 5 Steve E
Arguably my luckiest result of the night, my first round match felt more like Super Hang-On than KO2!  Steve absolutely peppered my goal but a combination of Fisher-on-fire and some desperate goal mouth clearances saw me cling on to this victory.  Phew! Just like Jon, our second round match was a very different story and I was 0-5 down at HT Operation: Respectable ensued in the second half and maybe with Evil’s foot off the pedal, I produced a fightback on paper at least to end it a more dignified 3-5.

Garry C 6 – 1 John B
John B 0 – 6 Garry C
Scorelines never tell the whole story and in the first match especially it wasn’t until mid second half that I managed a 2-goal lead before a flurry of goals more than flattered me. Despite not playing KO2 outside of this your second tourney, your gameplay and goal attempts deserved more. As I know all too well, losing game after game isn’t easy, but it was a pleasure to have John’s company and your wit and one-liners really added to my evening. Agony Aunt!  I still don’t know quite what it was but during our second tie something I said was taken the wrong way and we – all five of us – were all in stiches! Class moment!

Garry C 0 – 4 Simon K
Simon K 6 – 2 Garry C
In my game off each round, I witnessed two particulary impressive performances from Si against Jon G, both resulting in unlucky narrow 1-goal defeats for my arch-rival which could easily have been very different. Now I don’t want to sound like a poor loser but you were a lucky f*cker against me last night! Man, an x-rating would not have been out of place, given the freakshows gameplay on display. Spot the random-once-in-a-blue-moon goals is all I can say, which seemed to start both games. Then chasing the game, with you locking out so very damn effectively, the few goals I did score were laboured to say the least. Credit where its due though, you took full advantage of any of my ill-judged defensive headers and in contrast to me scored your breakaway goals with ease. Prior to our final game of the night, Si and I were tied on 9pts with 3rd spot – the Bronze Cup – up for grabs. My grumbles aside, you played some good stuff during the night and thouroughly deserved to take it , though I’m keen to (try to) settle a few scores next time!

Congrats again to Jon G for overcoming some serious challenges (from players other than me!) and securing another KOBRA title but much credit should also go to the Evil one, for a seriously good second round peformance. Thanks again to everyone for making it, for all the laughs which more than make up for any of my KO2 lows!


John B  0 - 5  Steve E
Jon G  4 - 3  Simon K
Jon G  4 - 1  Garry C
Simon K  0 - 3  Steve E
Simon K  6 - 2  John B
Steve E  1 - 2  Garry C
Steve E  3 - 5  Jon G
Garry C  6 - 1  John B
Garry C  0 - 4  Simon K
John B  1 - 5  Jon G
Steve E  5 - 1  John B
Simon K  4 - 6  Jon G
Garry C  2 - 5  Jon G
Steve E  4 - 2  Simon K
John B  2 - 5  Simon K
Garry C  3 - 5  Steve E
Jon G  4 - 5  Steve E
John B  0 - 6  Garry C
Simon K  6 - 2  Garry C
Jon G  8 - 0  John B





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