Before my tourney report I must just mention something about the one practice game I had with Steve. It was a knock-about game just to loosen up when my fautly tv abruptly changed channel to a screen of black and white dots. .. Anyway, this happened just as Steve’s striker was about to enter the box (hehe). Steve joked that I’d done this on purpose to put him off. Anyway, I paused the game, grabbed the remote, and put it back on the right channel. As the screen reappeared we were both utterly amazed to the see the ball in the back of the net!!!!! Steve had scored without sight of the screen ffs!!!!!!. Yoda (Grant) was yet to arrive at this stage, but Stevie Skywalker was already here, using the force ffs! If we had had our wits about us, this was a mere sign of things to come….

Garry C,1,Steve E,4,
Garry C,6,Grant N,1,
Jon G,2,Garry C,6,
Simon K,1,Garry C,5,

My tourney started slowly and whether he was playing with his eyes open or not, Stevie brushed me aside without really dominating the game but then the best players somehow still score goals even when they’re not on top form. Next up I had Grant playing his first ever KOA game! It took me back to my debut just over 2 years ago so I know how tough those early encounters can be. I was passing on a thing or two about KO2 gameplay (tactics and scoring tips) that I’d learnt along the way, when BANG! Grant scores a diagonal scorcher top right hand corner in off the crossbar! ‘NO MORE TIPS’ I yelled half joking and half seriously. No word of a lie I had a game on my hands and I was particularly impressed with Grant’s defending and it wasn’t until first half injury time when I managed to squeeze 2-1 lead, and it wasn’t until mid-way through the second half that I managed a 2-goal cushion to finally secure the points.

I’d never beaten Jon before but amazingly this was about to change. I have to say this was one of my best games of KO2 ever, and I’m sure my alter-ego KOBRAMAN must have had something to do with it. Unusually for me I felt I had a good grip of this game, seemed instinctively to have control of the best placed player particularly in defence and my approachplay felt assured and most surprising it had an end product. This was no lob-goal smash and grab victory – I was playing really well! At HT I lead 2-0 but I knew Jon could still easily overturn this. Right at the start of the second half I accidentally conceded a penalty trying to head the ball. DAMN! Were the floodgates about to open, I wondered? Not just yet ’cause I saved the f*cking penalty!!  Even more incredibly still, in my attacks that followed I discovered an unknown potency as I went up 3-0, 4-0, 5-0 and it felt like I’d entered a parallel KO2 universe what I reached 6-0 against the UK Champion 6-0!!!! Funny thing was I still wasn’t confident I could hold this lead but I did! You’ll have to forgive me but for players like me this is a gem of a result in a wasteland of defeats (my diamond in the rough even!).

On the back of that result, I really didn’t care what happened for the rest of the tourney, so when I played Simon I was still on a high. Suddenly KO2 was effortless and cruised past my arch-rival in a comfortable 5-1 victory, meaning that I completed round #2 with a w3 d0 l1 record.

Steve E,6,Garry C,5,
Grant N,1,Garry C,6,
Garry C,3,Jon G,9,
Garry C,2,Simon K,4,

At our rematch, Steve was top with 100% wins and I was in second place, which doesn’t happen very often! My confidence was high and I was well up for our match. Think I scored first, only for Steve to bouce back into a 2-1 lead. Goals were still coming surprisingly easily when I surged back in front 4-2 and it still wasn’t half-time! Feeling good, I wondered if I might even claim another big 3 points? Mr Evil was on his own mission of course and when he went 5-4 up my heart sank. I was nevertheless still fighting and clawed it back 5-5! Top players have plenty in their locker and Steve is no different and again took the lead. The margin are incrediably narrow in KO2 and were it not for a couple of pixels I could even have claimed an equiliser at the death as my shot rolled narrowly past the post with the keeper well beaten. My favourite defeat of the night all the same!

Thankfully for me, there was no repeat scares playing Grant in the second round, although Grant continue to score at least one in nearly every game. There is absolutely no disgrace to come away without a point from your first tourney. Repeat your precise defensive play in other areas of the pitch, and more goals and results will come in no time, I’m sure. Hope to see you next time as you already feel apart of the KOBRA team!  Normal service resumed in my rematch with Jon. With neither myself nor Simon able to take any points off Steve’s, my unexpected victory over Jon arguably denied Jon tonight’s title. I don’t know whether or not this was factor but in this match Jon unleashed an absolutely awesome display of KO2! :yikes: 8) I was literally chasing shadows the whole game until I was emphatically and completely demolished 3-9!

Partly due to this pummeling and also due to the fact that I’d secured 3rd spot, I lacked a little motivation for my final game with Simon. I couldn’t go up nor down whatever the result of this match. After a frustrating tourney for Si with recurring joystick problems, he deservedly took all three points in our ‘end-of-season disco’.  Hardlines mate – you can’t get the double over me every tourney but thanks for taking my spot in the bottom two this time!

Like I said earlier it was good to host again after what seems like an age. Although I can’t match the first class facilities and that unique “atmosphere” of the Newent Arena, I’d like to think that KOBRA house has its own brand of KO2 magic. Looking forward to next time lads….

Simon K,3,Jon G,7,
Garry C,1,Steve E,4,
Garry C,6,Grant N,1,
Steve E,6,Jon G,5,
Steve E,4,Simon K,3,
Jon G,5,Grant N,0,
Jon G,2,Garry C,6,
Grant N,0,Simon K,3,
Grant N,2,Steve E,4,
Simon K,1,Garry C,5,

Jon G,6,Simon K,2,
Steve E,6,Garry C,5,
Grant N,1,Garry C,6,
Jon G,5,Steve E,3,
Simon K,1,Steve E,4,
Grant N,0,Jon G,3,
Garry C,3,Jon G,9,
Simon K,3,Grant N,1,
Steve E,4,Grant N,0,
Garry C,2,Simon K,4,


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