Jointly organising our first UK Championships was certainly trying at times, but I could not have been more thrilled with the way it all went.  Talk about the icing on the cake, but the finale was just incredible. I cannot imagine a more dramtic climax to a major tournament.

The Three Kings

The Three Kings



Jon G was one point ahead of his two nearest rivals with the final game to be played between them. IIRC Steve twice took the lead 1-0 and 2-1 and at those points, Camberman was set to be the UK Champion himself! Robert had his own plans of course and by mid way through the second half he was 3-2 up with one hand on that trophy. Then with literally 14 seconds on the clock remaining, Steve  claimed an equiliser to end the match 3-3. This resulted in all three players being tied at the top of the championship, with Jon G having the superior goal difference! AN UNBELIVEABLE EPIC that live long in the memory.

Garry C,2,Steve C,6,
Garry C,7,Nick H,0,
Garry C,7,Darren G,2,
My own opener was against Camberman who I know hadn’t played competitively since Rome 07. Would I benefit from any rustiness? I should be so lucky!!!! Steve quipped that he normally takes several games to get warmed up, but a 4 or 5 goal blitz in a matter of a few first half minutes proved he would be quickly out of the blocks! Really great to see you have such an excellent tourney as well as nearly win the damn thing!!!! And thanks ago for your efforts in producing a Birmingham version of the KO2CV  The fixture list meant I’d play none other than Fourfries next! A real character with some cracking 1-liners! Playing after such a long break can’t have been easy and I think Nick’s first game was against the mighty Jon G, and I sensed Nick was preparing himself for a string of defeats. Hope you’re not downhearted as our game, for example, was much closer than the scored suggested. Glad to hear you picked up a win today!  Similarly, there wasn’t much between me and Stainy but something like three of my first four shots, including a sweet free-kick went in and, happily for me, set me on my way.

So close!

Soooooo close!

Garry C,3,Jon G,3,
Garry C,2,Robert S,4,
Wayne L,3,Garry C,1
James B,2,Garry C,1,
Steve E,6,Garry C,3,
I claimed my first ever point against Jon G 8) who uncharateristically wasn’t converting his shots into goals, thanks mostly to my goalkeeper!!!  I was playing well too mind and actually lead 1-0, 2-0 and 3-1, and even after it was tied 3-3 came mighty close to a winner! 😯 Next up came my most enjoyable defeat of the day (yes, honestly) against Robert. A game where I felt I really gave the title-contender a good run for his money! A good natured game, with us both enthusiastically supporting our own efforts  Robert produced a remarkable defensive display including a penalty save during my first half flurry before securing the second half more comfortably to win 4-2. So unbelieveably close to your first UKC title, Rob, I hope you can eventually re-call this match with more pleasure than pain, as you were part of an unforgettable finale. I was well chuffed to see Waynie back in action and with a very laid-back approach too. Maybe he was too tired from his late night before to worry about his game, but he seemed much more at east with himself and whether or not it was due to this, I was impressed with strong 6th place finish!  My game against James was certainly a game where the defences on top. Losing 1-2, I thought I mean even claim a point when I won an injury-time top right corner (from where I’d scored my only goal of this game) but just as the balled appeared to reach my hitman, James intercepted with a perfectly time header! Great to see the Beard back in action! I know Stevie well of course and I was genuienly delighted he was having a awesome tourney but I still wanted to beat him! I took the lead but a tight game remained 1-1 at half-time but after the break, Steve revealed the player he his, moving into another gear in his locker, scoring 3 goals within 60 seconds to deservedly take the points. Absolutely fantastic achievement Koolio – well proud of ya mate!

Guess who's top? lol

You’ll never guess who’s top?

Mark W,3,Garry C,3,
Mandhir S,3,Garry C,2,
Garry C,3,Greg N,3,
Durbs is great fun to play KO2 against, always finding the funny angle on whatever is said or happens during the match. We played a few times in the KOOHL tourney the night before, and uncannily I’m sure we drew a few 3-3 there as well! Against Sid, I really didn’t get going in the first half, and Sid by contrast lead from start to finish. No complaints mate and well done on an impressive 7th place. Against Greg, I felt I’d put in a good show, but I was always behind in this game. Thankfully, however, my perservence paid and I snatched a draw with virtually the last kick of the game. Phew! I know Greg was feeling a little downhearted about his day’s results but I honestly feel there’s no need to be.

Andy E,3,Garry C,6,
Garry C,3,Andy H,1,
John W,2,Garry C,3,
I’d felt before the tourney that I’d have settled for around 10th place but this didn’t look on until after winning all three of my final three games. It was good to meet both Andy’s. My close match with Andy E got very close at one point following a penalty dive alledgedly!  Although this was converted, the final score was justice, I felt! For most of my incrediably tight game with Andy H, I only had a narrow 1-goal lead, with Andy coming extremely close on several occasions. It was only late in the second half did I manage a two goal breather. The tension grew even tighter during my game against Mr FW! Blimey, talk about a wafer thin margin! IIRC only a penalty save from me, securing the narrowest of victories.

Still these last three games pushed me into 8th place, which I’m more than pleased with. Throughout the day, during my matches, I’d be aware of the cheers and jeers from others having fun during their games, and as joint-organiser, that was one of the most pleasing aspects of the day. As host, its hard to focus solely on your own game-play at times, when your mind is also on the wider tournament issues. Nevertheless I had some thoroughly special KO2 moments of my own and shall enjoy looking at this table for a little while longer yet!

Every cup has a silver lining!?!

Every cup has a silver lining!?!


Darren G,0,Nick H,1,
Steve E,5,Mandhir S,2,
Garry C,2,Steve C,6,
Jon G,8,Wayne L,2,
James B,3,Robert S,5,
Greg N,1,Mark W,3,
Andy E,3,Andy H,3,
Steve E,8,John W,1,
Garry C,7,Nick H,0,
Jon G,8,Mandhir S,2,
James B,3,Steve C,4,
Greg N,5,Wayne L,0,
Andy E,1,Robert S,8,
Andy H,1,Mark W,2,
Garry C,7,Darren G,2,
Jon G,6,John W,3,
James B,4,Nick H,1,
Greg N,1,Mandhir S,4,
Andy E,1,Steve C,6,
Andy H,1,Wayne L,2,
Mark W,1,Robert S,6,
Jon G,6,Steve E,5,
James B,5,Darren G,1,
Greg N,2,John W,2,
Andy E,5,Nick H,1,
Andy H,1,Mandhir S,5,
Mark W,1,Steve C,5,
Robert S,7,Wayne L,2,
James B,2,Garry C,1,
Greg N,1,Steve E,3,
Andy E,2,Darren G,3,
Andy H,1,John W,2,
Mark W,5,Nick H,2,
Robert S,5,Mandhir S,2,
Wayne L,5,Steve C,5,
Greg N,0,Jon G,4,
Andy E,3,Garry C,6,
Andy H,1,Steve E,2,
Mark W,2,Darren G,1,
Robert S,7,John W,1,
Wayne L,3,Nick H,0,
Steve C,2,Mandhir S,2,
Andy E,2,James B,0,
Andy H,5,Jon G,8,
Mark W,3,Garry C,3,
Robert S,2,Steve E,4,
Wayne L,4,Darren G,2,
Steve C,5,John W,0,
Mandhir S,7,Nick H,3,
Andy H,3,Greg N,1,
Mark W,5,James B,5,
Robert S,1,Jon G,5,
Wayne L,3,Garry C,1,
Steve C,3,Steve E,3,
Mandhir S,2,Darren G,1,
Nick H,1,John W,2,
Mark W,2,Andy E,2,
Robert S,5,Greg N,1,
Wayne L,4,James B,3,
Steve C,5,Jon G,2,
Mandhir S,3,Garry C,2,
Nick H,2,Steve E,5,
John W,2,Darren G,2,
Robert S,5,Andy H,2,
Wayne L,3,Andy E,1,
Steve C,4,Greg N,2,
Mandhir S,2,James B,3,
Nick H,2,Jon G,16,
John W,2,Garry C,3,
Darren G,2,Steve E,8,
Wayne L,3,Mark W,2,
Steve C,10,Andy H,4,
Mandhir S,3,Andy E,4,
Nick H,1,Greg N,5,
John W,2,James B,3,
Darren G,2,Jon G,7,
Steve E,6,Garry C,3,
Steve C,3,Robert S,3,
Mandhir S,5,Mark W,0,
Nick H,1,Andy H,6,
John W,2,Andy E,1,
Darren G,1,Greg N,2,
Steve E,3,James B,4,
Garry C,3,Jon G,3,
Mandhir S,2,Wayne L,2,
Nick H,3,Robert S,5,
John W,2,Mark W,4,
Darren G,3,Andy H,3,
Steve E,3,Andy E,1,
Garry C,3,Greg N,3,
Jon G,5,James B,7,
Nick H,0,Steve C,6,
John W,2,Wayne L,2,
Darren G,2,Robert S,5,
Steve E,6,Mark W,4,
Garry C,3,Andy H,1,
Jon G,4,Andy E,3,
James B,1,Greg N,1,
John W,1,Mandhir S,5,
Darren G,0,Steve C,3,
Steve E,4,Wayne L,4,
Garry C,2,Robert S,4,
Jon G,4,Mark W,0,
James B,6,Andy H,1,
Greg N,2,Andy E,3,




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