Why have one tournament when you can have two!!! During KOBRA IV, both Si and Sid were seeking a fifth round but I suggested we play a smaller second tournament. So what do we do ? Play another x4 tournament!!!! For this tournament, we opted for A=B and with Autoslides OFF.

If Steve won KOBRA IV by a whisker, he went on to take KOBRA V by a mile. Personally I think its a bit greedy – surely one crown is enough!!!

Maybe my spirit was broken after been so close yet so far in KOBRA IV, maybe six hours of KO2 and 24 matches is a bit too much for in one evening lol

Steve E,4,Garry C,1,
Simon K,1,Garry C,1,
Garry C,3,Mandhir S,2,
Garry C,3,Steve E,3,

Just one win from my first four games and my scoring rate had declined considerably.

Garry C,4,Simon K,1,
Maybe match of the tournament for me but not for the result – for its game of shame similarlity!! Don’t think either of us played at all well – mistake after mistake after mistake. We began to take the pi$$ out of our own gameplay and at one point we were in absolute hysterics!! You know when you just can’t stop laughing. We had no choice but to pause the game and wait the ‘funnies’ to subside. We had tears in our eyes and I was laughing so much it hurt and at times I couldn’t catch my breath.  Another classic KO2 moment!

Mandhir S,4,Garry C,1
Return of the Sith! Some serious goals from Sid in this match – finished with skill and style. No arguments – a fully and wholly deserved 3 points! 8)

Steve E,4,Garry C,1,
By now Steve was just unstoppable and to have any chance of beating him, I knew I’d have to score 5. Unfortunately I was scoring less than two a game by this stage!!!!

Simon K,0,Garry C,0,
It had to happen – our concentration was shot – and a true game of shame type scoreline!!!
Garry C,4,Mandhir S,1,
Garry C,3,Steve E,4,
Garry C,4,Simon K,2,
Mandhir S,3,Garry C,4,
Even though my form picked up and I managed to improve my goals tally with three wins our of my last four games, Steve’s enduring quality prevailed, even though I think he’d already clinched this tourney, over two hours earlier!  Seriously, it takes an huge effort of concentration to stay so focused for so long – respect, Koohlio! I believe your coaching lessons from Kobraman are complete 🙂 I’ll be coming around yours for tips soon!!

Watch out KOA World Cup, Steve E is coming!!!



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