Fresh from an online tournament (and vowing his house wasnt big enough to host a tournament), Steve decided to host a tourney which had a fantastic turnout!


KOOHL1 logo Koohl1

Steve E (Steve1977) ENGLAND
Garry C (gdh82) ENGLAND
Simon K (JamKing) ENGLAND
Mandhir S (Sid) ENGLAND
Graham S (Sutty Droitwich) ENGLAND New Player
Pete S (Ginger Pete) ENGLAND
Wayne L (Waynie) ENGLAND
Mark B (BountyBob) ENGLAND

Mark B,8,Graham S,4,
Wayne L,0,Pete S,1,
Mandhir S,5,Garry C,1,
Steve E,1,Simon K,0,
Wayne L,6,Jon G,3,
Mandhir S,7,Graham S,2,
Steve E,2,Pete S,0,
Simon K,1,Garry C,4,
Mandhir S,5,Mark B,8,
Steve E,0,Jon G,3,
Simon K,6,Graham S,5,
Garry C,7,Pete S,0,
Steve E,2,Wayne L,4,
Simon K,1,Mark B,5,
Garry C,4,Jon G,8,
Pete S,2,GrahamS,2,
Simon K,1,Mandhir S,2,
Garry C,2,Wayne L,2,
Pete S,1,Mark B,6,
Graham S,3,Jon G,3,
Garry C,4,Steve E,2,
Pete S,1,Mandhir S,5,
Graham S,2,Wayne L,4,
Jon G,5,Mark B,1,
Pete S,1,Simon K,5,
Graham S,3,Steve E,2,
Jon G,7,Mandhir S,0,
Mark B,6,Wayne L,1,
Graham S,1,Garry C,4,
Jon G,3,Simon K,4,
Mark B,4,Steve E,1,
Wayne L,3,Mandhir S,3,
Jon G,5,Pete S,1,
Mark B,7,Garry C,1,
Wayne L,1,Simon K,2,
Mandhir S,1,Steve E,1,
Graham S,0,Mark B,4,
Pete S,1,Wayne L,4,
Garry C,1,Mandhir S,3,
Simon K,4,Steve E,2,
Jon G,6,Wayne L,0,
Graham S,2,Mandhir S,2,
Pete S,0,Steve E,2,
Garry C,0,Simon K,2,
Mark B,5,Mandhir S,5,
Jon G,6,Steve E,1,
Graham S,4,Simon K,2,
Pete S,0,Garry C,2,
Wayne L,2,Steve E,2,
Mark B,6,Simon K,2,
Jon G,12,Garry C,0,
Graham S,1,Pete S,0,
Mandhir S,2,Simon K,4,
Wayne L,3,Garry C,0,
Mark B,9,Pete S,0,
Jon G,5,Graham S,3,
Steve E,0,Garry C,3,
Mandhir S,2,Pete S,2,
Wayne L,6,Graham S,1,
Mark B,5,Jon G,7,
Simon K,3,Pete S,1,
Steve E,1,GrahamS,2,
Mandhir S,2,Jon G,6,
Wayne L,3,Mark B,5,
Garry C,4,Graham S,2,
Simon K,1,Jon G,9,
Steve E,0,Mark B,6,
Mandhir S,1,Wayne L,4,
Pete S,1,Jon G,7,
Garry C,3,Mark B,1,
Simon K,2,Wayne L,1,
Steve E,2,Mandhir S,4,


Headlines from Koohl 1!

* Jon and Mark continue their one-two battle at the top of the league

* Gaz and Si travel back to Birmingham tonight with a nice third and fourth place!

* Waynie is driving back to Reading wondering how he forgot to do his lobs

* Sid is cursing Steve for costing him a higher place (sorry mate!)

I’l post more about it tommorow but I really enjoyed this! This was more like a Kick Off marathon and for me, every game was stressful and intense – well until I was in a trance like state after being battered pillar to post by Mark and Jon!

Cheers to everyone for making it. BountyBob you are a star making it despite leaving late and having work done to your house on that very day.

Well done to Pete who is improving every tournament and to Sutty who proved that even in his first tournament, he could be a koa star in the making.

Gaz and Si – So pleased you did well lads! I promise you though, i was trying in that last game sid/waynie!! hehe



6 thoughts on “rewind – koohl 01

  1. “Just got back and still excited about KOOHL 1 Don’t wanna go to bed know!
    “I’ll post more tomorrow but just want to congratulate Steve on hosting his first tourney! You were the perfect host, making sure everyone was okay, always offering drinks etc. Cheers mate! The room with the three amigas set up was the cauldron! Hearing the cheers and the jeers from the other games while I played mine really made for a great atmosphere! Especially the final match of the night where 3 or the 4 players were all vying for 4th place.
    Even though you may not be satisfied with you own results, you really were champion at hosting a well-attended, fun, good-natured but very competitve first tourney!
    Congrats to Jon G for adding yet another crown to his collection – it was far from straightforward but you did it again!” – Garry C

  2. “what a tournament! Compliments to Jon and Mark!
    Very good performance of Garry, It was a real battle for 3rd place: 4 players in 4 points!
    Seems that Wayne was a bit unlucky in the final standing: looking the GD, he is the only one with a GD>0 (but Jon and Mark, of course).
    Well done!” – Gianni

  3. cheers steve, had a good laff ! can’t wait for the next tourney!
    my highlights:
    * doing the double on you and trying to get a penalty by running over yer legs in the box!
    * drawing against jon, and i was winning…and only wayne,mark and simon doing the double on me. but i have a cunning plan next time
    * low bits were a 6-1 against wayne with him moaning about not scoring any lobs all night (only 5 in that game mate!) and not getting even close to beating mark!
    all in all very intense tourney but definitley can play better! cheers steve for your hospitality and cheers lads for making welcome
    Cheers steve for your hospitality and cheers lads for making welcome” – Graham S

  4. “What a night! Yesterday was a fantastic experience and many thanks go to Steve who organised an extremely fun and well attended tournament. We had 4 Amiga set-ups, which meant that there were always eight of us playing at any one time.
    There were nine of us, which comprised of a big gun, Jon, a bunch of regulars from KORA (BBob, Sid and I) and KOBRA (Simon, Gaz and Steve), a newbie (Sutty) and GingerPete. On paper, this was Jon’s tournament to lose, although I had secret hopes of challenging him, or at least pushing him close. I was talking to Sid on the way up, and we were really hoping for KORA to occupy three of the top four positions by the end of the league. We knew the KOBRA guys had been putting in a lot of airtime, and were getting better, however, based on recent encounters and the fact that we were also playing regularly, we felt we were going to come out on top. Maybe complacently, we felt were at a standard where most newbies could not really hurt us, and certainly we did not feel that GingerPete would pose much of a threat given his past tournament performances. On Thurs, I walked away with KORA-X, which gave me a sense of invincibility against everyone aside from Jon. I am consistently pulling off 10-20 mid range lobs now per game, and by those alone I believed I could get around 4-6 goals per game, and maybe supplement them with the odd goal in the box. I could not be more wrong as the evening unfolded to possibly my worst KO experience.
    First up was GingerPete, who frequently comes bottom. My pre-tournament strategy was to try to get a single win against Jon and then use GD to edge him. This would mean hammering the likes of Pete, and having him first should have been a springboard for the title. Rather complacently, I surrendered the KO lob from the start believing that I would get my double figures scoreline from PB-play. What I had not banked on was that Pete had clearly decided that he was going to start shaking off his “whipping boy” tag and played some fantastic defence. This is the exact style of play that served me so well at the WC and at FAKO-LOKO…and it is so effective. I had not realised that it was so infuriating to play against. I pulled off my customary 10-20 lobs but his keeper kept them all out. It was no use getting into his penalty area, he would just launch it out again. And on one of his few excursions into my half, he scored. From then on, Pete just held me off with composed and resolute defending. Nothing worked against him. I could say that his keeper and the code beat me, but Pete certainly did his bit. I lost 1 v 0.
    This was the worst possible start I could have imagined. I could replay that game 10 times and pull off the same number of lobs and it would never be 1 v 0 again. On some level, I took some heart from the fact that Pete had scalped me and our game had provided him with the biggest upset so far, and will hopefully encourage him to play more tournaments. But, I could not believe it – I felt robbed. Even at the WC when I robbed better players like Alex, Oliver ST and Maurizio, I at least had brief spells when I was dominating and was testing their keeper. Now, for the first time, I felt what it felt like to be on the receiving end of an effective guerrilla tactic – it was not a nice feeling, and it was a feeling that was to repeat itself in nearly every game for the rest of the evening.
    The return leg against Pete was something I was particularly looking forward to, and I was eyeing up this fixture all night. I was determined to beat him and exorcise my demons. He went into a single goal lead again with a shot that went straight through my keeper, however, this time the 10-20 lobs I pulled off gave me a 4 v 1 win. It appears that Pete does deflate after shipping goals, and the key seems to be to “break” him with a goal, which I failed to do in our first game. The longer he keeps his clean sheet, the more stubborn he becomes. It could have been so different had I KO-lobbed him from the onset of Game 1.
    After such a setback in Game 1, I knew my challenge to Jon was effectively over. My next opponent was none other than Jon himself, possibly the last person I needed to play after losing to Pete. For some freak reason, the same lobs that I pulled off against Pete mostly went in, and I ran out a 6 v 3. This shock result was exactly what I needed to resurrect my tournament challenge. I told myself that if I had to win one of my first two games, I would preferred to have taken the points off Jon. But normal service resumed in the return leg later as Jon trounced me 6 v 0 in possibly the only game I felt I deserved to lose last night. None of my lobs went in, however, even if they all went in, Jon would have won.
    I’ve said before that I am terrible under pressure, possibly because I am not used to games when I am expected to win, and I was a nervous wreck all night against the KOBRA boys. My two games against Gaz were supposedly 6 points for the taking, however, I came away with just 4. Ditto for Steve E. With Simon, I lost count of the total number of lobs I busted against him, and his keeper just saved them all. In the end, I lost both games to him 2 v 1. I think I hit the post/bar more times than he scored. On a good night, or even with a 50% lob conversion, I would have walked away with six wins from six, but last night nothing went for me. Credit to the KOBRA boys, they didn’t just sit there watching lob after lob hit their woodwork or sail into their keeper. Instead, they used a good combination of defensive strategies and hit me where it hurt. Make no mistake, these guys are getting good and I would be surprised if none of them finished in the top half of the league at the UKCs. In all fairness, I should not be expecting to win all these games – these guys are at my standard, and 8 points out of 18 corroborates this.
    The other KORA guys performed extremely indifferently. Mark pushed Jon hard but had his title hopes ruined, ironically, by Sid. Sid, on the other hand, started off strongly but petered off at the end with fatigue. Mark was the other guy who did the double over me, and after his disappointment at KORA-X, showed why he is a 1100 pt player. I can understand why Haydn quits so often – those KO lobs are so painful on the psyche because there is nothing you can do about them if he pulls them off. In our first game, we had a closely challenged 0 v 0 first half, but then the contest was effectively ruined when he KO lobbed me at the beginning of the second half – whilst I was fuming about this, he scored a hatfull. I came close to quitting the KOA in my second game against Mark when we started the game and he lobbed me from the onset. It is so demoralising, especially given the evening I was having when practically none of my lobs were going in. But if I feel the pain, I can only imagine what other people who can’t do KO lobs must feel. But I shan’t quit; I will remember exactly how I felt in those games with Mark and I will learn administer that exact fear and discouragement to others because it is tolerated in the KOA. And I will continue to do that until KO lobs are banned. So your choice guys – it’s a horrible move and I hate it. I take little pride in pulling them off, and I feel like Haydn when it is done on me, but I am damn good at them and so long as they’re allowed, I will continue to attempt them.
    About the only time I felt like apologising last night was when I played Sutty, who had a very respectable finish in his first tournament. Sutty made me work hard for the first win, but the score of the 2nd game was flattering to me. I busted around 10 lobs in that game and about 4 or 5 of my six goals came from that source. As he posted, I did spend all game whining about my poor lob conversion rate, and that his keeper was saving everything, and in that moment, one of my shots trickled through his keeper. KO2 is a funny game.
    I am the KOA scumbag and I used guerrilla tactics to overperform at big tournaments like the WC and FAKO-LOKO. I should stick to what I know and do best – turtling and lobbing, and generally being a nuisance. Getting complacent and adopting 4-2-4 against players of my level makes my poor performances yesterday fully deserved. And the KOBRA guys, Sid and Sutty are at my level – whatever got into my head that I was better than them should evict itself…I really don’t know what possessed me to think that I could have won last night. Indeed, I could have, if the 10-20 lobs I was busting each game all went in, or even if half of them did. At KORA-X they mostly went in and I won. But I again showed my over-reliance on lobs and on a night like last night, I was humbled. I am not a good KO player; I am predictable in the box, make defensive errors and I am a one-trick pony. Admittedly, my one-trick is effective, and I should be harnessing it and play to my strengths. An example is the effectiveness of Mark’s KO lobbing and trap/move finishing. This is his main armoury, but it is extremely potent. In the same way, my lobs are all I have, but if I increase the intensity of these, they could also be effective.
    At the moment, I get 10-20 lobs on target per game – I should be aiming for at least 30 a game consistently. So on a bad night when only 10% go in, I am still at least assured of 3 goals per game. The KOBRA guys were clearly prepared against an attacking formation, having trained with lockout and 5-3-2…realistically I didn’t really have a chance since my 4-2-4 isn’t that great anyway. Hindsight is 20/20, and I believe I should never have converted to 4-2-4 after the WC – turtling and lobbing are what I do best, and I should be doing that game in game out regardless of who I am playing. Thinking that I should go easy on GingerPete and not KO-lob him might just have cost me dear…and I fully deserved it. I am supposed to be scummy – Scum would not have cared if he was playing Gianluca or Saskia, he would have KO-lobbed regardless. Come back Scum – I’ve missed you.
    Final word: Steve, you hosted a great tournament, and don’t let my whingeing detract from the fact that I had a great time.” – Waynie

  5. “Cue “One of those Nights” by the Eagles…

    V Sid
    Sid did the double over me, even though I had good spells in both games. Superman, however, made more of his chances and took maximum points! In our second game, Sid proved his capability of scoring top quality goals too! Only ever taken one point from Sid so that’s something to work on!

    V Simon
    I think Si was still in the pub when I won the first game 4-1, but he got his revenge. Despite being under pressure for most of the match, Dr Clinical reminded me where the goal posts were and won the return 0-2! I must congratulate Si on a very, very impressive 3rd position in the league. Once again, he beat Jon – HOW??? – as well as getting a double against Waynie!!! Yet he lost to me, Gra’ and Steve??? Si is quite a puzzle.

    V Pete
    Our first match was certainly a game of two halves. Pete definately had the best of the first half by some way but then in the second, a flurry of shots which all seemed to go in led to a very flattering 7-0! The rematch was probably my closest match of the night – it remained 0-0 with 40 seconds on the clock when I managed to poke home a goal – phew! A second in injury time probably left Pete justifiably feeling hard done by. Please to see you above on your recent KOBRA points tally, mate!

    V Wayne
    A game of few clear cut chances due to both defences were on top with only a handful of chances each. Quite reasonably honours remained even with 2-2 draw – great to take a point of Waynie! Our second game was also tight but Waynie’s sharper shooting lead to his deserved 2-0 victory.

    V Jon
    Jon’s 433 finishing from a diagonal position on the left wing coming into the box is absolutely leathal! He has mastered that like no other player I’ve battled against. Our first match was one of the biggest goal fest – 11 goals in the first half! (Jon lead 8-3) I managed to reduce it to 8-4 For our rematch I was determinded to try some different tactics to nullify Jon’s signature goal – Whatever formation I tried 532, lockout, 433 and falcon, I never seemed to have the defender I wanted in the position I wanted! I lost 0-12!!!

    V Graham
    Graham made the most impressive debut performance I’ve ever seen! His clearly got all the ingredients to a make a very good player. He plays with PBD, can trap and move well, judges the flight of the quickly to block through balls and launch his own attacks. I’m convinced his shortage of goals will be only a temporary problem. Despite being under the kosh with Sutty, I managed the double with a 4-1 and 4-2 scorelines. Phew!

    V Mark B
    With some high quality trap and move finishing Mark comprehensively won the first match 7-1. By the time of our second match, it was neck and neck between him and JonG for the title. Mark knew he had to beat me. I’m sure his mind was also partly on this 2-hr car journey home directly after our match. Nevertheless I took an early 1-0 lead and went straight to lockout which proved very effective. I restricted Mark’s chances considerably and even when he did create an opning my keeper was equal to it. With a rocket of a free kick Mark made it 1-1. I don’t remember how but I made it 2-1 (was it a KO lob?) and was under pressure for long periods before snatching a decisive 3-1 very late on and take my first win ever against Mr BB Sadly for Mark this also dented his title challenge but I focused more on the revenge aspect – he’d beaten me 10-0 a week earlier at KOBRA III

    V Steve
    Steve did the double against me at KOBRA III but this time it was my turn! Steve said himself he found he was struggling to score last night and perhaps that was the difference between us. With this in mind, after taking a lead, I was hopeful of holding on to it (this time!). I claimed all six points with 4-2 and 4-1 wins. ” – Garry C

  6. “ALOT TO READ!!! … but b4 that, I am still kicking myself for THROWING AWAY 3rd place!!!!

    I started off really well… seeing my name ABOVE Jon and Mark for around 4 games was unbelievable! (until I played them and they hammered me!!!!) lol
    With Waynie faltering, and myself with good wins over Sutty, Pete, Garry, narrow one over Simon, I thought 3rd was there for the taking.

    All was pretty much going to plan, until midway through the tournament when I started drawing my games, and all credit to Pete! Sutty! Steve! for fighting so hard, and then to Simon K, who beat me fair and square to leapfrog me. I’m gutted.
    But at least I feel better than Waynie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just looking at him, oh no… he was such a dejected man!! (*shakes head*)

    The last games battling for 4th were synchronisedl Garry v Steve, and Sid vs Waynie. I drew the first game with Waynie 4-4, and I thought maybe in the end I could beat him, something I haven’t done for too long (I cant even remember the last time I did!) … but deep down, I knew he was going to beat me! I finished the lowest point of the whole tournament… (does that make sense! lol?)
    Great organisation Steve, and it was fantastic to meet Pete and Sutty for the first times ever… I really hope you guys can make the UK Championships at Reading!! You will kick ass! (Pete, you know you can beat Waynie again!) hehehe

    Well played to everyone! AWESOME EVENT!!!!

    p.s. Mark … or anyone talented … can you make a flow chart of the changing positions of each player during the tournament?
    Like an ongiong form guide? It would show my demise graphically!!!!! ” – Sid

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